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Amazing game!! congratulations.

Thank you for your kind words, Louis! We didn't have time to polish it, but we're glad that you enjoyed it!

Thank you! We're so happy that you liked it. <3 

Oh... you're very kind! Thank you for your words. <3

Hahhaah it's so cool, right!? The art team nailed it! 

Yeah, I do agree it's confusing, we couldn't polish it in time. But thank you for your feedback. <3

Thank you for your comment! :) We didn't have too much time to polish, but you're totally right on your feedback. Thank you for that! <3

you're completely right! thank you for the feedback. <3

Completely amazing game. Stunning experience. Congratulations to everyone involved

I was about to write "nice game, man!". But the word "nice" feels weird. It's a reflexive experience that makes you look at how you see and code signs and faces. Made me feel awkward and lost a few times whether I put what I feel was right against what I've learned was "right". Anyway, it's awesome that you could dig this experience using only Twine. Show the power of your words on this platform. Congratulations on the experience you created.

Muito massa, o jogo! Parabéns. :)