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Didn't think about that problem :) But yeah, same idea, separate groups of games !

I am developing a series of mini-games based on the same idea. Presently, it's its own account specifically for that, but I have other games I would like to upload, that have nothing to do with this project.
Ideally I would like to upload everything to the same account, but still have a kind of home page specifically for the series. Is there any way to have this?
Or I could have two accounts, but then I would like to link them in a way, like the series' account would be "owned" by my personal account?

What would be the correct way to handle a situation like that, where you want to develop a subset of your games as a separate project? Collections and bundles don't seem to be designed for this.

(Btw, the project is, check it out :) The idea is adding a tiny twist of interactivity in classic art pieces, keeping it super simple, the point is more in the collection as a whole, than in each piece individually. Hence the question.)

I installed again, using the itch app this time, now it works.

I just bought this and opened it. I can't enter any of the levels (faith, courage , etc). The Enter key doesn't do anything when on that menu.

This is great! I would be interested in seeing the code if you plan on releasing it someday. Maybe that would make a good Unity plugin actually.

J'ai eu la meme chose. J'ai lancé le Winsetup, enlevé le fullscreen, relancé et ça a fini par marcher.

Totally not worksafe :) But worth it!

Alright, I'll play it at work. Goddamnit! ;)

Plans for a mac build?