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Same for me. But I have windows 7. Haven't tried it on Windows 10 PC yet.

Still not working. Everything works but I can't play videos in the VCR tried about 30 videos ranging from 15 seconds to 30 minutes and still nothing. 

Any help? 

One more question: how do you exit without using windows key to go to desktop and closing the window.

Okay so according to @ Crimpaysjesussaves' comment below, having any spaces in the directory can cause issues with the player not wanting to play. However, the app installs it in a folder called "Retro YoutTube Simulator"

This directory name has spaces. I cannot however, find a way to change the directory folder name without not being able to find the game. Is there a way to reassign the directory folder so I can have find it.

Any help would be great.

Good day! :)

Can't seem to get the player to play anything.

I have a fairly well built computer. i7, 16g ram, 2tb hdd, gtx-950. So I don't think it is from old hardware. And I use W7 so my windows version shouldn't be an issue.

Everything else works fine, just the TV won't play anything. I tried playing about 30 different videos. I tried reinstalling and I tried different settings. (windowed or full screen, high graphics, low graphics.) nothing seems to work.

Any help would be appreciated. And maybe, I can give some feedback that will help you.

Good day! :)

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If I was to make two requests, if it isn't possible that is okay.

1: Could we have an eye color option?

2: When its over and asks if we've spoken to her enough and we get the option to do it again; could it reset to before she goes to the table? Then we could take her from the front and afterward take her from behind. ;)

I love the game and especially the character design. The way they move is really natural and fluid. And I love their feet. Not sure why. Just, they're like really cute little hooves. Love it.


This is really fun! I like the way she moves and her expressions. I know this game is done, but a loose flowy shirt that hangs gently over her curves would be a really cute addition. Same for a long flowing skirt. Show off the curves but hide the body until they are removed. Looking forward to more games; you do a great job!

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Loved playing this. I have played it a couple times now. And I have convinced several friends to give it a try too.

I really hope you are still working on this. I understand it is still only a prototype. But if you proceed, I think you have a great idea here. The character is cute, the gameplay is relaxed and retro. And the levels are interesting.

If you continue work on this; here is my wishlist. :)

*A start menu.

*More levels (

*Allow custom keybindings.

Other than that, keep it delightfully simple and I wish you the best!