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Can't seem to get the player to play anything.

I have a fairly well built computer. i7, 16g ram, 2tb hdd, gtx-950. So I don't think it is from old hardware. And I use W7 so my windows version shouldn't be an issue.

Everything else works fine, just the TV won't play anything. I tried playing about 30 different videos. I tried reinstalling and I tried different settings. (windowed or full screen, high graphics, low graphics.) nothing seems to work.

Any help would be appreciated. And maybe, I can give some feedback that will help you.

Good day! :)

Okay so according to @ Crimpaysjesussaves' comment below, having any spaces in the directory can cause issues with the player not wanting to play. However, the app installs it in a folder called "Retro YoutTube Simulator"

This directory name has spaces. I cannot however, find a way to change the directory folder name without not being able to find the game. Is there a way to reassign the directory folder so I can have find it.

Any help would be great.

Good day! :)

so if i install it from the site, the file wont need the app, so i can then rename it without spaces and the it will work???

If you install it from the website and not from the installer, it should have a name without spaces in between by default. I tried running it from the .zip and it works.