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Version 1.1 updates the alternative initiative rules: Fast characters can no  more try to move and act.

Characters "In a Haze" suffer slightly more damage, and any reference to using Glitches to act "In a Haze" has been removed since you can already spend a Glitch to absorb that damage.

Hi there, nice work.

Will the full game include some kind of movememt/range rules? Even abstract ones?

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Permissions to execute are enabled, though, so I'm somewhat lost.

If it can help you with debugging, I'm running Mint 20. 

I had tried a simple sudo and it didn't work, I'll see if chmod works.

I think I'll try to run the windows executable with WinE next.

Thank you!

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Hi, I unpacked the tar.gz but can't get it to run on linux... am I missing something? Do I need some kind of amiga emulator?

When I try to execute it from command line, it replies "command not found".

Another very cool game. I think this takes the best of Maze Machina and Guncho.

It would be nice if it could run on smartphones too.

What about a TOC at the beginning?

Version 2 looks cleaner, and I like the added options

Very fun indeed!

(Oh and I would have to find a way to make Transhuman Insight work with a diceless system)

Interesting concept.

At first glance, though, this would be way easier to get into with a redesign of the layout.

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Thank you!

 I'm personally not inclined to introduce attribute upgrades or detailed skill systems in Old School D&D.


I would probably place ability score improvements at 500 and cap it at a total maximum of a total 10 additional  stat points across al six stats. 

For skills, I'd probably add another degree of specialization instead of ranks. This would translate in double Advantage, roll three dice and pick the best. While I don't cap skills, I'd probably limit the number of a character's specializations at 6.

Hi, great job!

I think initiative may need a little clarification considering how player-facing the game is.

Lovely little game! Makes me wish to write a hack.

Post Scriptum: una cosa è certa, nella eventualità di una seconda edizione (sempre scritta a mano e rigorosamente brutta, sporca e genuina) qualche accorgimento estetico in più lo prenderò. Per dire, un quaderno a righe invece che a quadretti, ed evidenziatore invece che pennarelli per i termini tecnici o importanti del gioco.