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Thank you! In the first update release there will be an intro scene that explains a lot and sets up more about what's going on. Much is left out here, your confusion is very understandable!

We'll look it over and see what we can do at our next build. To be honest though, our priorities are Windows, Android, and Steam. We're a very small team with very little budget, we have no choice but to focus on the popular platforms.

It should run well in Wine, yeah!

We would very much like to offer that. But the rights to distribute the files in that way are expensive. So in the end it will depend on sales and Patreon subs. We are very happy with the music, but didn't foresee there would be interest in downloading it for casual listening. We will discuss it see what options and costs are involved.

We hope to have the first path out in April or May 2022.

The first major update will include music info and later we will incorporate a music gallery as well ✌️

Thank you! We hope to have the first path released by spring of this year, but we don't have a strict timeline, we are taking production carefully so we can do our best on it.

Thanks! The goals will be more clear and defined when we release the first path, which will include the intro and other information.

Thanks! We'll look into including the soundtrack with later updates of the game.

The demo has three endings. The full game will have dozens of endings and will also have an organized gallery and list for them.

Thank you for pointing that out! We'll be releasing an update soon with a few other minor corrections as well. Thank you for playing and super glad to hear you're enjoying it!