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A beautiful and fun game, I want in the future to travel more around the planet learning the language and helping the dinosaurs.

Nice game, but very hard xD

I did 439. Love this kind of game, reminds me of a game I liked a lot as a child

I love your game, I've completed all the stages! congratulations for your work

A great remake of Snake

Simple, but well executed with the idea you had

I love how bullets spin and pings in wherever

how horrible hahaha hard to play alone, but a nice game

Very fun! It is hard in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it and hold on longer, it is worth it. Just one suggestion, when the time to feed is running out could have some sound counter, or some different visual on the screen... I lost many times by going up to the enemy without paying attention that time was running out

The game works well, I think that other types of enemies can improve the game a lot

Very creative game

pretty unique moment

Pretty hard, but the idea is really good

Promising, the gameplay is very good and very calm, makes you want to play for hours, I hope you continue with the project

Beautiful art

Nice game! I love the fact you can play it on gameboy

I loved this game, great idea, beautiful art, music and sound effects

pretty good idea

So far the best I've played in the jam! Well done

Here the game frozen after logo ;/

nice art

A very good game! love the concept!

The sheeps are flying crazy!!! Run to mountains! nice game xD

good physics

Hard, but fun

Camera is way too close, but I like the overall concept

I don't get how to score, but the game is very fun, remember me game and watches that I love

well worked

I love this game, very good puzzles!

The art is awesome

Nice game, I finish with 16 resets and need look the tip on stage 8 xD

Very fun, unfortunately some bugs get in the way

vlw, sim é uma referência xD

Muito boa a arte xD
As notas podiam vir em fileiras separadas, tipo ddr ou guitar hero, seria mais fácil para jogar no teclado... (ou no meu caso com botões do playstation ou nintendo kkkk, não estou acostumado com a configuração das letras do xbox...)

Visual ficou muito bom, gostei, mas não consegui terminar não kkkk muito difícil

Muito bonito ;O gostei da história, não sei de deu umas bugadas só vi até o casamento, e aí ganhei o jogo

kkkk fiz todos os finais, fiquei chocado com as verdades

🤣 muito bom