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Arthur Souza

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I tested on my computer and it seems to be working with the browser. Maybe it would be a better idea to download it then if the web version is not working.

Hi! Which platform and browser you are using? (It is not working correctly on mobile)

Thanks, we had a lot of fun assembling the environment and all the details. I'm glad you liked it!

Hope it's not like taking 10 Chonk bois, otherwise they are the ones actualy taking out for a walk 😅

I liked the twist to the normal tactics gameplay. It had a pretty long duration, but it was worth it. The story was a little bit cringe at the beggining, but by the end it was totally worth it!

I liked the lovecraftian vibe and the overhall mood of the game. Nice toll boat mechanic. I don't regret installing this on my computer, but I would be even happier if I didn't had to 😅

I didn't understand the difference between the different publishers. But I liked the mood and that "Papers please" kind of vibe on every choice. If you continue the project, I would recomend to have more impactfull decisions

Se ficar travado em outra fase, e quiser continuar. Você pode olhar nos arquivos do projeto original e ver qual é a solução.

Olá Roberio! Parabéns por ter chegado tão longe. Alguns puzzles desse jogo infelizmente estão com solução múltipla. Mas tem apenas uma correta. Tente a partir desse ponto, que está correto.

Se você encontrar algum outro incidente além desse, do 9 e do 19, me avise. Pretendo um dia atualizar e arrumar esses problemas.