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Thank you!!

Thank you for such a beautiful comment, I'm so glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks for playing, Ken!

Thank you!!

Thank you so much! Hahaha that feeling ain't it just the worst/best/something in-between!! I'm pleased you enjoyed it, thank you for playing <3


This is gorgeous!! The different angles of each piece and the thoughts that go with them are so well-done <3

Phenomenal!! I would like to contribute:

Pygmalion Lied:

This is gorgeous! I'm so glad you've hosted it here, I really love Sam's narrative voice :) Beautiful, deep-rooted story, and I adore the characters <3 The way you timed some of the dialogue moments is so effective too.

Thank you so much for playing! I love that you felt close to Vivian's discovery <3

Joe!! This is so delicate and moody, and I love the way you designed your human sprites. Unexpectedly moving story and the music fits so nicely, so well done for your first dive in <3

Thank YOU for playing, I'm really pleased you could identify with it ^^

Thank you!!!! I'm so glad you liked it <333

Thank you so much 😄❤️

I love this! The way you've fit everything together on the tiles is fantastic, and the world building sewn into poking around is so comfy. I also love the protag's face reacting to each explanation ^^

Thank you so much!! I love being able to find a way to make the moods work in bit-style, I'm so glad that comes across well <3

Thank you for playing!

Thank you so much for playing, I'm glad you liked it!!

I loved the telescope interaction! This is so delicate and beautiful, thank you for sharing <3

The last several frames/rooms are so hauntingly beautiful, I LOVE it


This me laugh!!

This is so poignant and adorable, and I love those wall tiles as well <3

Thank you!! I was so happy with how the palettes turned out, I'm glad you enjoyed them ^^

This is so beautiful! The last room smacked me right in the heart, but I suppose that's the point then :')

Thank you for sharing this, I love it <3

Ah, this is gorgeous <3 I have a lot of mixed-up resonance with ocean imagery, but this was an absolute delight to play--very emotional, and so, so beautiful.

LORD this is SO GOOD

The tone is amazing, the narrative is beautiful, and the subtlety of pushing (figuratively and literally) boundaries is absolutely stunning.  Incredible!

;-; this is so vulnerable and distilled to all its most important parts, thank you so much for sharing <3

This is so cool! The perspective is great, and I literally laughed out loud at "in THIS economy??"

ahh!! this dredges up so many feelings that are important building blocks in self-discovery, I'm sorry you had to face the hurt but I'm really happy you have a way to mourn and memorialize that point in time for you <3 Thank you for sharing that with us.