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I think this can be the next hollow knight some day.

Haha, yep that is correct. You can sell it and do whatever you like. It is just interesting because it also means that someone could buy it and then sell it elsewhere for more money if they wanted, which doesn't really seem okay. 🤷‍♂️

You are all good though, just wanted to point it out.

Would you consider adding a few more community copies?

lol this is listed as creative commons but costs $2.50. Something ain't right

This looks really pretty though, so good job.

Maybe add some more ways to create community copies for all of these? No one every does the donation :(

I feel bad to ask only a month after someone else, but this looks like a really cool project, and chance of more community copies?

This is the most helpful thing ever, and it does not just apply to TTRPG's, these design lenses can be used on everything from video games to trading card games (like mine!).

Thank you for creating this, it deserves more than five stars :

I don't even know what this is, but I love it.

Do you know how many members there are?

I also see a common theme to geocaching here, many cachers have a similar belief.

Looks like blue meat ala green eggs and ham.

This is really cool! Good job! I had fun playing it, and I think that if you come back to the idea later with more free time on your hand, you definitely could expand it and make it into a whole story.
I like the idea of the player roaming through the other ones, but then become stuck in a box and seeing themself walk by doing the same thing they did earler, going to the exit.

Definitely better than my platformer. Good job!

Have you ever heard of a difficulty curve? This game goes from toddler to WHG in two levels, lmao

This is the best pixel art tool period. And its free. If you have money you should donate it.

Thank you for helping me make my indie game!

My high score is 10 million, I player for a day :f

Update: When I finish my current french and pychology classes I will have free time and work on this. 

I've been thinking about this game, and I had some cool ideas for what I am going to do. So, the bartender hands are going to be ragdoll based, you will move the with WASD, IJKL. Rotate them with QE, UO. And grab with Shift,c and Space, N. 

So, my other idea was this. What if you made it flair/music based? 

So, the flair part is, the numbers bar would have tricks that you can unlock for money, which you earn by selling drinks/getting tips. 

The music part is, there would be a radio under the table which you can select whatever the BGM is. The radio also displays the songs waveform. If you press buttons to the beat of the song, you get extra points.

In addition to that I would try to make it a lot polished and have clean art. I think it could be a cool steam game. And my first real game lol, cause my other stuff is just demos.

This is really beautiful, but how do you down

Oh, gotcha. 

Yeah, the old one had a kind of nightmare creature vibe. I can understand that.

What is the difference between the low poly hagrid-looking people and the giant dark monster things that people keep posting screen shots of? 

I played for about half an hour, I saw a person moving around on one of the floors, when I too the stairs up, he was gone. I haven't seen anything else like it. It was kind of scary.

Who is he? He looked like Hagrid.

Oh my gosh, this game is awesome. The variety of enemys, the challenge of balancing using too many blocks and falling to your death vs getting killed by enemies.

Good luck, I can't wait to see where this goes.

Will definitely be buying it when it comes out on steam.

Nord community · Created a new topic Fastest Times

What is your fastest time? Post a screenshot in the comments! Make sure you add how many levels you completed.

Yeah, smoothness and minimalism were the two main things I wanted to focus on, so I am so happy that you think I got that. 

The ball and the AI get better with time, so when playing against the AI, it is best to see more of how long you can last, rather than the score, I might replace the score with a timer later on.

If there are any bugs you can find or any other powerups you think would be good in the game please let me know!  Thanks for the review.

Cool, thanks! add it to the list of game ideas... lol

Sounds exciting. 

This game is infuriating but I still love it. Definitely could go somewhere, lol 

Maybe I will make a game with the same idea and try to polish it more.

I agree, this is for sure the best indie game I have ever played. I've been following it for a long time.

What do you do for your "real" job? Just curious. You are my favorite game developer. I love seeing the work you put into this thing.

Thanks Cache! And yeah, Metatron did a fantastic job!

Thank you so much! I like your game too. The intro reminded me of classical music.

Awesome, thanks!

Could you add downloads for windows please? It won't load for me.

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Game Title/URL: Through The Ages: And Endless Runner

To answer questions PLEASE comment on the game page. I won't get notifs here.

Pitch/Information: A game about a robot trying to break free from technology, travels through the eras of video game graphics with custom-made music and art matching each time frame. It is technically not endless, because the maximum time you can play for is half an hour. Drag the slider to the amount of time you think you can survive. To experience all the music you have to play for about five and a half minutes

I'd like feedback on: What do you think? Did you find any bugs I can fix? Do you have any issues?

Thank you so much! This game was so fun to make, and the art and music just turned out so fantastic.

And thank you for doing such a wonderful job! The music is fantastic.

I hope to work with you again some other time.

It is a good start. The English grammar is a bit off, but I like the narrator. I think it cool that the player is telekinetic. Maybe make it so that players can control the small enemies too? With some resistance of course. Also, the final level is very very long. When you die, having to restart at the beginning is very annoying. The upgrades are very cheap, it is super easy to get that much money, maybe make it so they are more expensive? Or so that the individual coins are worth less "coin"

You can get inside the wall by jumping up on the far right of the cave, it lets you do this, lol. Oh I can't add photos, ah well.

Thank you!

Heh, no, that would definitely not be wise, I am doing the "First Game Jam" on itch in 17 days. I found someone else a musician who wants to make the soundtrack and sound effects for it. I am going to make an endless runner (Think chrome no internet dinosaur) but with each stage, you go to a different time period of games, so you begin in ASCII, and the game's graphics change with the level. It should be cool.

lol, it's okay, I was joking about it. But I did manage to get there from the left side, with an orca kick. I assume it goes to the same place as the door that is locked in Laurens's house?

Anyway, awesome work so far! Your game is one of the games that inspired me to start working on my own, so Thank you! And good luck!

I tried so freaking hard to get to the door under laurens house, all for n

But the door doesn't even work, lol, oof.


Maybe add something? Like a pop-up saying "Hooray, you are really good at jumping?" lol, idk

Ahhh, i found what they do in the devlog: ""+ added pickups that refresh aerial movement (look for a wing icon inside a circle)""

So what it lets you do is dash again, or double jump again, or orca flip again. So if they are stacked then you can quadruple jump or whatever.