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Thanks for your video! You REALLY made me laugh on my game! Anyway, this is just some sort of prototype to show everyone that old FPSC Engine (2005) is capable of. Ever tried launching it on Pentium 4 with 128 MB video card? That would be a BLAST from the past!

Your A. I. S. For the Glory of Soviets! 

Thanks! This game is more like an engine-test or some sort of it. I'm planning to make a large sequel.

Controls are quite simple: WSAD to move, SHIFT to run, Q - peek left and E peek right. Always search for ammo because enemies won't drop any. Grenades are more tactical type of a weapon - 2 of them will always kill one bad guy. This is actually my first 3D game so it's kind of buggy sometimes.

Por supuesto que puedes! Gracias! Sorry for my bad Spanish. Of course you can make a gameplay video.

Thank you for making a playthrough of my game! This game was meant to be a standalone expansion for my old "Beyond Weapon of Doomsday". Some bugs can be seen due to FPSC engine issues. Someday I'll continue my "Old World" series! I'm so glad you liked my game!

Your A. I. S.  

Thank you for making this video!

This game is pretty hard indeed. A key to finishing it is to memorize enemy placement. Saving ammo and always peeking from corners is a combination of success! The game is trying to simulate real combat situations. It has only 4 missions, last one is a boss fight (and a tricky one). I'm thinking about continuing the series of "short-but-hard" FPS games based on real historical events.

Your A. I. S.

Actually enjoyed the series! It looks like a prequel to another FPSC game of the 2007 called "Robert D. Anderson & The Legacy of Cthulhu". For a free game it looks kind of solid.

More like a CREATIVE attempt to make a steampunk FPS! It's like Bioshok Infinite before Bioshok Infinite with some System Shock flavour. Absolute MUST-PLAY! If you want to see some piece of garbage classic made back in 2000s check out my game called "Old World".

Thanks for showing my games to the world! I recently uploaded a new version of the game because of that door bug (in your video). You can re-download my game and re-upload the video without that bug. Thank you again!

Your AIS!

Recently uploaded new version of the game because of doors glitch in first level.

The game idea is just awesome! This must be first Indonesian FPS game, i presume. Too bad that this kind of games are so rare - the World needs to know about them! I actually loved the art here, it looked kind of anime-ish. Keep up the good work and try to make this game a bit longer, or even create a sequel.

This game is back from the dead. Now it belongs to the people!