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Very cool, my architectural side is itching :)

thank you


Another marvelous generator! cheers!

Hey, @watabou any good email to reach you?

I found the one, the ceramic throne!

Really nice generator!

I love your work, great inspiration my friend, left a tip

getting better and better!

loved it

I love it!!

my mind is melting with the possibilities

great as always!

this is nice!

wow! excellent and nicely done watabou

I remember in twitter you mentioned this solution, very beautiful work @watabou!

In my second run get it! another wish item for me is a description for each type of card, BUT BUT I think is way better to discover that yourself you don't need a tutor for playing games you need to play the game and learn by playing it (I love way mega man X handles this "issue" on the very 1st introduction)

I love roguelike games you just keep getting better and better each run (like life itself)

keepup the good work Watabou!

Excellent game!! 1st run level 4, how do I know the health of an armor equiped?

Thanks watabou!

I definitely support this if you launch it for founding, I will use a lot the 3D exporter to SketchUp and make some renders, (or I will pay for the desktop app ) either way it's an amazing tool!


Is there a way to export the 3D model to sketchup? I would loved to make some renderings