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Thank you for your feedback!

We wanted to make the player learn themselves on where the bullets will be hitting. It will give some sort of challenge aspect, so that the game have a good replayability.

On the hitbox issue, there still some bugs on the bae's hitbox and i will fix that after the jam is over.

This game is really awesome, I like how it is already have a lot of items in the first place and it have special effects on certain character. 

Yes, it still have a lot of bugs to fixes. I am kinda busy these days and I didn't have time to finish and adjust the difficulty of the game.
But, its a really good feedbacks, because i also just notice the hitbox for Bae is too big so that the bullet can still hit her even though she's below the tiles. 
I might have a lot of fixes for post-game jams and i will update again later on.

Thank you and i really appreciate your feedbacks!

Hello, Just wanna say great job on making the game with Holo ID characters. I think they have a great potential to be a character in the game and i always like to imagine them in a Turn Based Game.

Cool art and Music, i think it would be better to add more Customization and Upgrades but Great Work!

I don't think you need to do that, since it's already a game folder and not a project assets to import

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Can you tell me the error or the problem you facing? if you open the application.exe file you can play the game, it works for me

Simple and Innovative with a bit challenge!

Thank you for the review and playing our game!