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Hiya Junuh,

Thanks. Yes to both questions. There are no engine restrictions, but yeah you would need to do some setup in other engines. And yes the idea with the license was to make it permissive and easy to use, no issue with having other people use the assets on the project you bought them for, they just shouldn't then take the assets and use them elsewhere without buying a copy.

Det kunne vaere dejligt at have den danske version af karakter siden som seperat pdf man kunne downloade.

PS: Mange tak for oversaettelsen!

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I've run this twice for free now, using the homepage, and now I'm planning to run it again in a few days so I bought it now and printed a copy of the booklet. Lovely one shot. Used it with the Cairn ruleset.

New release with the Material Maker files included is now released :)

Updated the asset now with the source files included :)

The assets themselves will not be open sourced, so if the project, including it's assets are open source, these assets could not be included. But if a project has it's code open source but it's art is not, which I believe is sometimes the case, then it would be fine to use these assets. So any one person who contributes to that project can buy the assets and put them in there.

My intention with the license was that if you buy the assets you can use them for absolutely whatever you want as long as you aren't selling or giving the assets themselves away to be used by other people in their own projects, who have not bought them.

I hope that makes sense and answers your question. I'll try and update the text with more specifics when I update the asset.

Thanks :). Yeah I should have thought of that. I'll do an update to the files next week, unfortunately I'm travelling for the next few days.
I'll also include a .blend file with the models in case anyone wants to do their level building in Blender.

They are not, but good point! I'll update the files to include them.

Thanks! I put a lot of work into the modelling and texturing, so I'm glad if it shows :).

My first One Game A Month game.

The optional theme was Heat and I choose to make a First Person view game where you are jumping on platforms, escaping rising lava.

Except for the Fire particles and the FPS controller script which are free Unity Assets, I made everything from scratch over the last two weeks in my free time. The models and textures are made using Blender and Krita.

Give it a go and let me know what you think.

Gave it a 5 minute go. But couldn't for the life of me find my way through the second level. I really like the aesthetic and the little intro... with skip-able dialogue! Nice! But once I realised I could run it was very easy to evade the guards, the only problem being that I couldn't find my way as everything looked very similar.

One other thing that felt a bit off was that the Slime Prince carved pretty wide circles when you turned him around, I guess this was to make it harder? But it just felt a bit off.

Oh yeah and the camera snapping from screen to screen felt and looked great!.

This was fun! The sense of speed and physics worked well, however I did end up upside down and could keep going with the controls suddenly reversed :P.