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Thanks! I put a lot of work into the modelling and texturing, so I'm glad if it shows :).

My first One Game A Month game.

The optional theme was Heat and I choose to make a First Person view game where you are jumping on platforms, escaping rising lava.

Except for the Fire particles and the FPS controller script which are free Unity Assets, I made everything from scratch over the last two weeks in my free time. The models and textures are made using Blender and Krita.

Give it a go and let me know what you think.

Gave it a 5 minute go. But couldn't for the life of me find my way through the second level. I really like the aesthetic and the little intro... with skip-able dialogue! Nice! But once I realised I could run it was very easy to evade the guards, the only problem being that I couldn't find my way as everything looked very similar.

One other thing that felt a bit off was that the Slime Prince carved pretty wide circles when you turned him around, I guess this was to make it harder? But it just felt a bit off.

Oh yeah and the camera snapping from screen to screen felt and looked great!.

This was fun! The sense of speed and physics worked well, however I did end up upside down and could keep going with the controls suddenly reversed :P.