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Difficulty seems too high for the first stretch of the game before any power ups. Becomes much easier once you get a couple of the power ups, the x2 and random skulls in particular

Depending on scope of this game, I'd suggest...:

(For PC) Instead of having to hold the mouse down, maybe add right click to snap select/de-select as desired.

Varied color. The minimalist color thing works well with red/black/white in general and the enemies were easy enough to distinguish based on size and shape alone, but I'd suggest color change/(tweening blues, greens, etc) to remove some of the monotony that comes with this style of game.

Overall I think its a pretty neat, tightly packed, juicy game with good polish.

Am curious to see what you can come up with using this level of quality on a bit larger scoped game in the future

Standard menu system and turn sequencing stuff is all there which is nice, but I'd suggest considering the addition of mouse controls if you plan to have this on PCs. The menus worked for stuff like SNES and PSP where the main inclination is to use a dpad, but I feel the mouse should be taken advantage of to skip a lot of these menus and sub menus.

Personally not a fan of fantastical creatures, like mushrooms and manti, being playable units. Movement time feels way too slow for me. There were times where the camera wouldn't home in on the unit in question for direction choice

Pretty dang good engine for an SRPG. I see scenes in the screenshots clearly inspired by Tactics Ogre and the like, which is exciting for me. Definitely interested to see more from this, though I'm not sure if this is planned to be just an engine, or a full release game at some point. Hopefully the latter.

See you in DDAY10

Neat start to an RTS style game. Reminds me of warcraft 3 custom maps or the like. Cute art and characters.

Game crashed when DDAY_guy did some kind of ninja move bear the end here

I'd suggest adding single click targetting. The drag select is nice and works perfectly but I wanted to just click on one guy for quick access a bunch but was forced to frag

Would definitely like to see this expanded upon

Game is pretty fun but the background on the first level was a bit too noisy.

Game crashed here, dieing with last life at eye boss

Not sure I agree with the tails resetting every turn as a design choice for a game focusing on the snake concept. I'd suggest considering a scheme where the tail sticks around, and just like how you can extend and move forward, you can also choose to detract and shorten your tail one by one with your movement points. I feel this would open the tactical choices you make along with introducing new unit mechanics. For example, a unit that splits into varying things based on the length of the slices.

The AI didnt seem to consider spacing, or where the player can move. I understand its a demo but the AI just seemed to beeline to the orb. For my particular map, the correct move seemed to be to just pass the turn and wait for the AI to move into a vulnerable position

Despite what I see as faults its definitely a fresh unique take on tactics with a neat concept behind it. I am curious to see more of this game as it matures.

Pretty good foundation for a 2d souls game.

I'd suggest considering adding a little bit of forward movement with melee attacks. Having the player stand in place while swinging melee weapons just feels a bit strange for a game like this

My silly nitpickings:

Spear from chest was a downgrade from starting sword (3 -> 5 dmg)

Wolf was easily killed by just standing on edge here

Boss stopped attacking and got stuck in a moving state when I ran to this corner here.

Nothing happened once the boss died

  • Nice juice and user feedback with menus, sounds, and animations, and background
  • Skills start off interesting but are not my cup of tea. Would prefer a lesser effect when failing execution as opposed to nothing
  • Charming story, characters, and humor. Floppy is great and needs more quips
  • Nothing happens when all party members die
  • Crashed after aggro'ing a ghost, then running out of ninja fort here
  • Item use was confusing. Couldnt figure out what the 'use' button was once the inventory showed up
  • The entire UI is well thought out and pretty intuitive
  • Room where floppy explains the menu on the left seems too front loaded. I think some stuff could have been spaced out down the road, like items, gear, and the quest options. For example, having the quest option show up and explained after the party accepts the mission from the boss

Things I did like or would like to see more of:


  • More cute critters, like rabbits, dogs, cats, and so on
  • Merchant shops with appropriate signs hanging out front
  • Angry-chicken mechanic


  • Weapon variety, and weapon-specific abilities
  • Ability variety
  • Item buff variety
  • Monsters and monster-ability variety

Things I did not like or would like to change:


  • Add fire braziers that refresh torch duration


  • Remove/increase rarity of HP regen buffs on items. I feel they encourage sloppy, run-through style play, and discourage directly engaging enemies
  • Increase HP recovery from interacting with enemies, like life-leech and more health orb drops
  • A few less dead frames at the end of attack swings.


  • Allow dropping items directly from equipped slots, instead of having to unequip first
  • Remove 'cancel' options on all UI menus (like inventory, merchants, etc), and instead implement a universal 'cancel button', like B on the game controller
  • Add HUD in one of the bottom corners of screen showing all active-use equipped items, including main hand, off hand, and abilities
  • A torch life-bar near off hand slot on this HUD, if equipped, showing remaining light duration
  • Great tutorial, controls, & visual style
  • Use caution if plan to use doom-style keys for actual dungeons (silver/gold/etc keys). This typically promotes lots of backtracking unless the proc gen takes special care to reduce it somehow while still maintaining that style.
  • Ran into what seemed like a bug: walked into a staircase, which had an adjacent skeleton. The skeleton attacked me before I could move onto the next floor. Not sure if this is intended but it seems the reverse should be true: moving into a staircase allows escaping, before any adjacent enemies have a chance to act.
  • Reasonable start to the proc-gen, but one oversight was the possibility for staircases to spawn in the starting room on a floor. Again, not sure if intended but it seems this should not be allowed by the proc gen.
  • I suggest: ways to heal, straightforward AI w/ quickly identifiable set of rules, varied proc gen outside of just rooms (perhaps cave like areas using cellular automata?)

Crash Landing: Adding a heal to crashed ship. Adding another enemy type in the NW leading to lab. Flying drones' attacks were difficult to avoid while trying to kill them. Add charged shot mod to chamber just before boss room, forcing player to shoot down an avalanche rock to destroy door that leads into boss room by using fully charged attack, because boss fight was not intuitive. Remove big white rocks that go N out of spiral from boss area to reach lab quicker after boss defeated. Did not try to destroy with powered up shot because no ammo left over from boss fight. Spotted minor visual glitch where character is drawn on top of boss when standing in top row of boss room. 1st Assignment: Could not figure out how to unlock blue access point. Tried every console/combination I could think of but nothing seemed to work. Would like to see boss for this level. Overall solid foundation. Liked Zen's design, music, and sound.

Huge nostalgia trip with Rad Racer on NES. The music was nice, but the tire screeching got in its way and became a bit annoying after a while. The city level was pretty good but the empty grey areas on the side stood in a bad way somehow. The beach overall was great, including the skyline, trees, and huts. The emerald level felt a bit..flat in comparison to the other two. I think it has to do with the lack of an interesting skyline like the others had. It went from cool buildings and beautiful ocean, to flatness.

The build up on the starting line to actually start driving takes a while. I would use that time to show the basic controls of the game to the player.

Would like to see more cars available to drive, color options for cars, a map of some kind as the player transitions from zone to zone, showing the connectivity of the levels. Keep up the good work!

I love this game. I want it to be awesome. Here are my opinions on how it might be improved:

Diagonal conveyance for the bow when holding down attack. Variable effects for each weapon based on how long the attack has been charged. Zelda spin for sword, dead straight shot for the bow, etc. Better ai pathfinding around walls. Reduced swing time for melee weapons. Stuff to do with gold coins. Visuals for armor being worn. Jump animation. Jump attacks with melee weapons, like a 'down' attack of some kind. Incentive to clear a room in a certain amount of time. removal of weapon quality system. Diagonal cast for the fireball spell. Changing dagger feel; it just felt like a diminished version of the spear. 'Start' button to open inventory, allowing the ability to navigate through inventory with the Dpad. B button to cancel selection in item menu, instead of having to scroll down to cancel. Option to cancel equip ability while waiting for ability to be selected. moving faster at the cost of stamina

Liked: All the weapon features, like returned mana from the staff weapon, picking up arrows from the walls, etc.

Disliked: The visuals. I had severe difficulty identifying what is going on. A lot of the time I could not tell creatures apart from debris apart from floors, and so on. Objects represented as a few pixels like projectiles and gold pieces were particularly difficult to spot. I feel the major barrier to appreciating the game is the way it is presented visually.

Visibility comes from the orb, not the player. This made turning around corners confusing. I would like to immediately see what is going on around the corner as I approach it. Also the orb just added more visual clutter.

Would like to see: Keyboard hotkeys for weapons, char sheet, and map. More obvious audio feedback on what is going on. Less abstraction on the visuals of the game. Even though details are usually appreciated, they just added unnecessary visual clutter to this specific game.


Variation in weapons, including kickback on the rifle and the slight knockback and pierce from the laser pistol.


No checkpoints. Having to restart at the beginning of the same map a few times in a row became a chore.

would like to see:

A swap weapons feature. Not sure if it was implemented. I tried numbers, F keys, and scrollwheel but nothing seemed to work.

Sprint, diving, melee weapons, bullet spray on some of the weapons like the rifle, and even the shotgun bullet cone shape

Proc gen maps to add replayability, and to also eliminate knowledge of gun spawns and surprise enemy spawn points


got stuck moving left as I respawned with the 'A' key held down.

Didn't know I could shoot with the LMB until a couple minutes in. Seems pretty cool. Reminds me of Luftrausers.

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