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omg, this sounds so interesting! I'm glad you've enjoyed it! Thanks a lot for sharing! 

Hey, hope everyone's fine. I was wondering if it was possible to get an extension for at least a day. I have the zine almost done, but it's my mum's birthday today so I won't have time to scan it and uploaded today. 

If not possible, no problem at all, it's totally comprehensive.



you're so sweet.

I think we're all on the same boat. 

hey! Thanks for your comments! I'll update the game taking into account your comments. 

English is not my main language, so typos happen.


Brumal/Vernal is a duet epistolary ttrpg about witches that live apart from each other and that are designing together a quilt! 
Through generated prompts share recipes, patch ideas, and thoughts with each other in the letters. 
In this game, both players create characters who are witches. One of them is a winter fan, and the other is a spring fan. You both live in places that are enjoyed better during those seasons, and you keep a lifestyle tied to that season too. And you’re making a quilt together! You have many letters and packages coming and going! You want to have it for the Spring Equinox when your worlds come together.

amé esto! 
this is beautiful! 

I'm almost done with this! Thanks a lot! I will be posting this tomorrow for sure! I'm super grateful that you give us the extension! Thanks! 

Thanks a lot! If you haven't seen the anime Revolutionary Girl Utena, and you like anime, I highly recommend it! I think I got the drama quite right lol 

Perfect! Thanks a lot! I'll have it in a week! 

Sorry to bother with this, I know it might not be possible, but if an extension for this is available, I'd be thrilled, I have an idea but I just found out about the jam.
If not, I'll do the game anyway, but I check just in case it's possible. 

I know this is ending like in some hours, but I'm claiming brumal/vernal

I'm not sure if I'll be able to do what I have in mind in time for this, but I'll do the game anyway. 

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I haven't thought about doing extra sheets, but I guess it might work! 
I'll add it to my list of things that I'd enjoy doing! I might even do themed sheets! Good idea! 
Thanks for the comment!

I will add it to the page, thanks a lot!

I was going to ask if you uploaded to youtube too! thanks! 


Would it be possible to extend the time limit? Specially since at least here we are heading towards a loooong holiday (that could give many people more time to do things) 

Anyway, that. Thanks! 

thanks a lot for your comment! I'm glad you enjoy it, the idea started basically while being lost through the Rijkmuseum page, so it makes sense that you felt that way! I'm glad it gets through! Thanks once again! 

Thanks a lot! ❤️

thanks for your comment, I'm glad you like it! 
and good to know that the game works to play solo too <3 

Thanks a lot! Yeah, it's hard working with the space.

Oh, this is so sweet. I'm glad you enjoy it, and that it helped you somehow.

Thanks a lot!

Here's an interview that was made to me about the game! 

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you enjoyed it! <3 

Is it possible that the bot is no more there? 

The page gives me an error!

thanks! hope I get it on time... if not, I will just ask from you to post it to the jam later

I might be doing something for this
If time is on my side!

Would it be possible to get some more time? I got my computer today and will take at least some days to get programs, hand delayed work and stuff. 
I want to do something and I have an idea for it, but I'd need more time to catch up. 

Oh no, I whole-heartedly commented here! But I understand! The times I've played the game everything was amazing, I'm planning to do a visual AP for it, I'll share it with you here when it is done. 

Thanks for your kind words! It was a big effort, but worth it.

cool! I had an archeologist as part of the stretch goals who did a guidance and standards (mock) document for the game! 
and we're getting soon an astrobiologist intro essay to the theme. 
lmk how it goes for you whenever you play it! thanks!

Hey Sean! I'd love to translate both games to Spanish! You know I love these games! 

I copy pasted the email and it says it doesn't exist. 

If you can DM through Twitter @armandah17, that would be awesome

Hey! Just got this! I live in Argentina, is it ok for me to DM you through Twitter to make some specifications for custom purposes? 

If you feel like you'd like to translate Cordelia Needs A Kingdom to BR-PT I'd translate Mew Mew to ARG SPA 

I haven't! But I'll be translating Carta SRD, a system I love (though I haven't used yet) 

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I was going to ask to translate CARTA, is that ok with you?  To Spanish.