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Send me an email to

send me an email to and let's see what I can do for you

Me envías de nuevo, porfa? Gracias y disculpame

uy colgué, perdón! 

Estuve complicada. 

It has 30 pages, if I recall correctly. 

If you use Twitter, care to DM me there? I might be able to share some of the stuff I've used for layout and such!

thanks a lot! 

It was a nice experience designing this. 

And it's really close to my heart

Contact me through Twitter @armandah17 or through email and I'll send you a key


Thanks a lot! I have a lot of love for this game and I'm glad that people can access their inner memories to build on that. 

This has made my day. Thanks 

Hi, which element from an existing TTRPG are you using on this game? I fail to find it

Hi, which element from an existing TTRPG are you using on this game? I fail to find it


Hello! Hope everyone's doing fine! 
I was wondering if we also need to submit the game to the jam here or just through the google form. 
Thanks a lot! 

ay que genial! me encanta!
si necesitás una mano o consultarme, si estás en el server de RPS, escribime!
Está bueno diseñar "pavadas" para cambiar el aire entre proyectos!

Good recommendation. 

This is just a small table. But then, each encounter will have its own locations and such. 

I'll keep it in mind. It's a good call. Thanks a lot for taking the time! 

thanks a lot! 

no worries! It happens, I tend to mix up words and such, so no problem

the rules for the jam are here, on the jam page

On this thread that you respond to, I'm talking about a discord server for further discussions that ppl might be interested on talking. 

the rules for the discord server??? 

Hi, thanks a lot for your comments, here and on mastodon! I'm playtesting the game and I have some stuff to make more clear and some small details to tweak. But lmk how it goes, please. 

Thanks a lot for everything!

Thanks a lot!!!

omg, thanks a lot! I love this zine and I'm glad someone out there is enjoying it as well. You made me really happy with this comment 

I'm thinking what to do with these, cause they're mesmerizing but also, so not my regular style. I might do some irl zine. 

Once you see this, you can't unsee it

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Hi everyone! 
IKO has been kind enough to lend us room to have a channel on his server! 
You can join here!
Please, before participating, check out the rules of the server. They're as well the rules of the jam's channel.

Awww thanks ♥️


You should check out A Mimir by Vapordruid, she made it for the previous edition of the jam. It's a textured cootie catcher game about being a cat. 

This looks amazing! I'm going to try it out! 

Yeah!!! ♥️♥️♥️

Hey! So cool that you're making your first TTRPG for the jam! I'm excited as well! 

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A lovely GMless game, wholesome and cozy. 
Creating your witch and interacting with others is a marvelous experience that I always want to do again. 
If you're into gay witches, witchy animes/mangas, and school drama and don't like to be bossed around by GMs, this game is for you! 

Omg, thanks! I'm glad you've got to play it! Thanks a lot!

As it says there, the inspirations are Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and The Orphan playbook and threat from The Between, but definitely Doctor Frankenstein is not an inspiration, the direct inspiration would be what in the book is called The Monster.

I loved this! We should make a gang of people that have done games about Xenoarcheology! 

I've just sent you a message, I think, I hope it's you, lol

sure! Feel free to contact me! My Twitter is @armandah17

omg, this sounds so interesting! I'm glad you've enjoyed it! Thanks a lot for sharing! 

Hey, hope everyone's fine. I was wondering if it was possible to get an extension for at least a day. I have the zine almost done, but it's my mum's birthday today so I won't have time to scan it and uploaded today. 

If not possible, no problem at all, it's totally comprehensive.