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I have the GTK MacOS version; I'm able to get it to run, though I would like to strip out all the demos and extraneous stuff so I can keep my code organized. I'm finding it a little frustrating because the whole zip file unpacks and it's really unclear which files / directories are the magic combination of files / directories to get it to execute correctly. What I was hoping to see was a subdirectory that was the barebones skeleton of a game that I can then build from.  Having to work from the direct-unpacked archive feels very cluttering.

I've tried stripping out the files that seemed like they may not be necessary (eg. they seem only related to the demo) and when I attempt to boot up the game it tells me "couldn't create game context" with no additional information about why it failed.

I understand that `dragonruby` is the main entry point, and that it executes the code in `mygame` (can this be changed? could we get a YML configuration file or something?) but I have no idea what else is needed.  Also -- +1 for rubygems support -- it feels weirdly isolating not to be able to tap into the ruby ecosystem -- I understand that certain gems that require native extensions wouldn't be able to be included, but there are many that would just be useful to have for development (RSpec, for example)

I'm on OSX Mojave (so is my daughter). We both downloaded the app and attempted to open it, but it says that it's "damaged". We didn't get any notices about it not being from the app store, it won't even get that far.

Is there something else we need to do?