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Thanks for giving it a go. I'm glad it's helpful for you.

It's been a long time coming but now in V1.5 multiple models with matrices are now supported. The two cars animating is the example that ships with MagicaVoxel.

Thanks. We had fun making it. 

Hey TickTock. On reflection we were a bit harsh with our comments yesterday. Please don't let this put you off. You have made a great looking game and we would love to solve the puzzles in there. We see your girlfriend did the art assets in AssetForge, one of our favourite tools. Tell her she did a great job and to keep going with making game art. She's got the knack! Anyway best of luck and well done for getting your game submitted. We know how hard it is to execute on these things, especially given the short timescales. Well done, Rebello (Adam&Dan)

That looked very good and played smoothly. I'm inspired for this year's Dungeon Crawler jam. Great job. I played through the level twice, is it supposed to finish? If it is I guess I've not worked out how yet.

Glad you like it! Thanks for letting me know.

What happened? Do you just need to take a break? This game had such potential, don't let it go to waste. We'll be here to support you when you get back.

Mangata community · Created a new topic Very polished

That felt like playing a finished game. Very polished, no glitches that I could see. I'd be very proud of myself if I'd developed a game to this standard. Good job.

Nice but you don't get any score to know how well you're doing vs your last attempt. Just the wave number. Keep it up though!

16.9 m/s speed achieved. Very nice. 

Very impressive. You've inspired me to think much more about sound and music for my next game. Thanks for sharing.

Nice take on missile command. Good job.

It gets frantic, as it should!

The intro sequence was too long and almost put me off playing the game (a dislike).

However the game itself was fun once I'd started the levels. I never seemed to lose a life at the survive for x seconds level. Not sure why. The right mouse button to jetpac was handy.

Having stats at the end was nice and overall I liked the game.

Well done for making it.

I love the simplicity of this. Well done for publishing your first game.

I don't think I get it. How do I leave the first area? I like the interaction with items though.

Yes. I only reached one checkpoint and then couldn't seem to progress beyond that. I got to the room that needed the skulls but I couldn't reach any of them.

That was fun. I got stuck at a certain point and I couldn't open any doors as I didn't have any keys and the only monsters were too high level for me to move past. Great job though, nice and simple to play. Well done.

Best game I've played on Itch in a while. Really simple but good fun. I got to level 24 before I bailed. It probably needs lives at some point, otherwise you can just keep going. Good job

Nicely done. I only had one Xbox controller so I didn't get the multiplayer experience. I found it hard to control the turret with the right stick and then fire with A. It felt like R2/Right Trigger would be more natural.

You typo'd Player 1 as Pleyor 1 on the setup screen.

The HUD was partly offscreen on the left hand side for me too. I have a strange 3000x2000 resolution on a Huawei laptop which probably explains it.

You're not far off a complete game here. Good job.

I love the art style. The trailer looks very good too. A demo version could sway me.

Well done for publishing your game. It works pretty well. Keep up the good work.

That was really very good. I'd be very proud of myself if that was my game. The graphics and sound are very satisfying. Great work and thanks for releasing it.

That was fun, thanks for making it. Music is perfect for this kind of game. I found it tricky to jump onto some of the platforms but I guess that's the idea. The turret mechanic is really good. 

Well done for finishing. The graphics are well done, as is the sound. It's frustrating as hell to play though! Make another one.

Not bad for a first game. Good job for making it. Check your spelling of "Special" in the credits page. I look forward to seeing your next game. If this is your game project on github then I'm impressed, you finished it even though you started in 2017. That's a real achievement.

Really simple to play and well executed. I like the music too. If it was done especially for the game it fits well, good job.

Nice game. I like the art style as well and it's more involved than it first appeared. I solved some of the puzzles but not all. Thanks for making it.

That is really well done. The graphics are perfect for it. I didn't know what to do at first but watching the YouTube video told me all I needed to know. Thanks for sharing this.

Very impressive. I like the idea of using Doom levels for a turn based strategy. Thanks for sharing it.

Thanks @vento, it was fun to write. The real star is Carodan who did all the artwork. I just know how to code and ship software.

We just used this to create all the sounds for our Viroids game.


Many thanks, it's a great tool.

Nicely presented graphics. Good job.

Thanks. It was fun to make.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll take a look at that. It’s a new MagicaVoxel feature that I’ve not added support for yet. Glad you find it useful.

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Very good. I like the mini tutorials you get after completing each of the first few levels. It feels like it's a perfect fit for a phone or tablet.

Great audio

Heatwave community · Created a new topic Best audio

You deserved the best audio award, great job. What tools did you use to compose the tracks?

Nice game. Very clean and simple.

I didn't get it for a second and then it clicked. Great job, very innovative.

I like the overall feel of the graphics and the sound. The procedurally generated landscape is a very impressive. I managed to score over 1000 by holding down 'A' at the start of the game and just circling in one spot. You're only showing 3 digits when the game ends so it didn't show it. You've really inspired me to have a go next year, thanks.