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Nicely done. I only had one Xbox controller so I didn't get the multiplayer experience. I found it hard to control the turret with the right stick and then fire with A. It felt like R2/Right Trigger would be more natural.

You typo'd Player 1 as Pleyor 1 on the setup screen.

The HUD was partly offscreen on the left hand side for me too. I have a strange 3000x2000 resolution on a Huawei laptop which probably explains it.

You're not far off a complete game here. Good job.

Hello! thank you for trying my game, tomorrow I will update the game so you can use the keyboard as player one.

I will also review your problem with the HUD.

With L2 you shoot the machine gun, and with R2 you fire the weapons of the boxes, the button A is just an extra option.

Thanks again!!

Hi, Now you can use the keyboard for player 1 and the joystick for the second player!!