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Good idea - I'll put that in over the weekend

Thanks Richard, appreciate that. One day I will finish my 'modern' tracker and write some myself, I just cannot get on with Goattracker!

Thanks as always for the video :)

Thanks very much :)

No problem, glad you're enjoying it!

Thanks for the videos, always appreciated

Thanks :)

Hope you enjoy it!

You're welcome, thanks for the comment

Thanks a lot! :)

No problem! :)

Thanks very much, hope you enjoyed all three games! :)

Excellent, thanks! You must be pleased at the numbers signed up.

For those in Europe the start time is a bit weird, basically Friday is out.  From a personal point of view I'm stuck in babysitting this evening so would be great to get a start on it. It's not like this is a particularly time-pressured event like Ludum Dare, a week is plenty to get a small game done, but it would be nice to start immediately after the theme is revealed instead of waiting 'til tomorrow morning....

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Yeah, also have to make sure the big 'pixels' only move in 1/84 steps. This sort of rules out physics engines because they will move everything on a granular level, if you move things yourself you can round to the nearest 'pixel'. In last year's game I stored the position at a precise level, but when it came to actually moving the object I rounded. Then you can get smooth acceleration that still snaps to pixels, rather than speed being clamped to 1, 2, 4, 8 pixels per frame.

Having written that you could use physics, just hide the 'real' object and show an object which takes the real object's position and rounds it before displaying.

Don't remember exactly how I did it, you'll need to set a custom view resolution of 840 x 480 in the Game tab. To be honest if I was doing it again I might do it a different way, but I'm probably doing this year's jam in something else.

Well, 84 x 48 - but yes, I'm just downloading my project from last year so I can put it on Github, then you can see how I did it - I'm sure there's many ways.

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New high score.  You definitely need to use the up arrow to slow down at key moments, but spamming it all the time will increase speed.

It does have sound, a lot of browsers won't auto-play the sound in Unity WebGL games nowadays, you have to enable auto-play for every game. :/

I guess it's up to you but the easier it is for people to run the more people will play it. I'm hoping to do mine in C64 basic, and from a few early tests it looks like there's a neat .exe wrapper :)