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That says it can emulate Pacman hardware so should be ok as long as it also allows running roms where the checksum doesn't match. 

Just played your snake game btw, really cool - might have to port that to something obscure if that's ok ;)

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If you're on Windows everything needed should be in the Github repo. I've added some comments to the make.bat file which explains everything that's going on, and also the macro.c file so it can be compiled for mac/linux if required.

The instruction set is pretty good, all the usual stuff is there - if you can do F8 this is no problem!

Yes, I used the same scrolling approach for my Pacman port to fit the full 1-1 arcade map.

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Very cool. How flexible is the engine in terms of porting other GB titles?

Btw, if you fancied having it playable in the browser at the top of this page, this site has an .html export feature for C64 games:

Thanks! Not sure what the font is called, it's one of five fonts built in to this site and just comes under the generic name 'pixel' alongside 'serif', 'sans serif' etc. 

Somehow the changes I made yesterday aren't there, must have had a different working folder open :-$ Replacement .d64 file up.

Ok must be some other code interfering somewhere, I'll have a look at some point.

Update uploaded with a fix to turn off the ghosts tunnel code, and also a fix for the high-score bug on the normal game.

Downloads now available.

Downloads now available.

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That's really cool, really pushing the NES to the max. The faster scroll speeds would be the main barrier to a C64 version, would probably also have to use chunky multi-colour graphics for the map in order to use colour cycling to approximate the flashy psychedelic effects. 

Thanks very much, I'll check it out!

Will see if I can get a download up tonight!

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I'll try and put it on a D64 this evening :)

I have been using the latest, .251, but the hardware has been supported since 1998 so there's a good chance it'll work with most versions.

It should just be joystick control in Port 2? I haven't programmed any key controls. 

Possibly, the limitation with this sprite-only engine would be having tiles in between rows. I have tile-based engines from the likes of Pillars or 20 which might be more suited to that sort of game.

Assembler - had plenty of practice over the past 3 years so I kind of get in the zone and don't have to think too much about what I'm doing.

No this is exactly the same build, just got round to putting it up on my page with all the others. 

78! ;)

Thanks very much for the testing, I've re-written how the cursor sprite is placed, before it was being moved manually whenever an action happened (I was being lazy...) so it was possible for its screen position to get out sync with the selected cell. I now have a lookup table to re-position the cursor every frame based on the row/column of the selected cell.

I think the score glitch is because the score uses binary-coded decimals, when any component of the score calculation is  more than 9 it's putting the total out of BCD range. Should be an easy fix.

Thanks, I'll put that change in. Do you recall what action you had just completed when the cursor locked? 

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C64 port is pretty much done, just need to tidy up the game over transition a bit and play around with the scoring. Will release the C64 .prg on Saturday morning when they tend to get more traction.

Password = orion.

I heard they're going to do something similar in GTA6. Instead of mowing down enemies with machine guns, you tickle them with a feather and they laugh themselves off the screen.

Thanks for the info, I've got a tester in Canada who's going to run on real hardware and feedback what's happening.

Happening to me too, on a family-friendly Commodore 64 game that raises money for a children's heart charity. The ability to ban an account from commenting on all games would be a start, at the moment they just move on to posting on a different one.

I added an NTSC-only version, the title pages are cut right down until I can optimise them but the gameplay should work fine.

Good point and apologies for not mentioning it. Actually I just tried it and while the title screen does freeze, if I bypass that the gameplay and other screens run fine on NTSC. I'll try over the next few days to work out why the title screen locks up and then put out a patched version.

Hi there, enjoyed playing your game and was looking for a simple project to dip my toes into Atari 2600 development (although nothing on the 2600 is simple...). Here's my version:

Thanks Tony, I'm still working on bits and pieces when the mood takes me, so there might be the odd game now and again. 

Thanks, will get these fixed for 1.1.

Thanks, will fix for v1.1!

Good catch - we were so focused on catastrophic bugs like the scrolling completely breaking, we missed this off-by-one error. Will fix in 1.1.

Damn. I've had this exact idea running around my head for about 10 years, and even started building it in Unity. But I'm a programmer not a game designer so I couldn't flesh out the mechanics to make it fun, or find someone with those skills to work with me. I haven't played this yet but it looks like you've achieved that, congratulations! It's cool to see pretty much exactly what I envisioned in my head come to life (he says through gritted teeth...)

I admire your 'pay-what-you-want' model, I do that for all my C64 releases. At the same time I don't think anyone would begrudge this being on Steam and reaching a much bigger audience. After all, if you haven't got $10, you probably haven't got the PC capable of playing it....

The hi-score bug only occurs on the final entry....the final byte is not being saved. An update will be done soon. As for issues with Ultimate 1541, I have no way of testing this. If it works on a real 1541 and VICE it suggests a bug with the ultimate.

No reason, just busy. I'm finishing a new game this week, so after that's done I can tie up a few loose ends before going back to Robotron.

Yeah, before I implemented it I thought it would be noticeable, but it isn't, even when scrolling. It would seem the brain can't tell an object (or the screen) has moved twice as far in a frame, it just perceives the overall average speed. 

Looks like you're scrolling a big area in this game though so I guess there might not be enough time to copy all the data.

Great work! Regarding the NTSC/PAL speed thing, for Galaxian I just call the game loop twice every 6th frame on PAL. Might be tricky when scrolling is involved but I'm currently working on a game with vertical scrolling and calling the game loop twice seems to work fine. 

Apparently they sound much better on VICE than a real SID