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Really did enjoy this game, but I do think it needs more work done. This really could be the next 'Minecraft'. One thing I would like to recommend is to rework the menu/pause menu, and sometimes it lags when I try to put things into my inventory. :)

You are a smart, self-knowing, robot who has crashed on a planet and you have to find your way back home. (This is just the first look at AstroFar, It's very early in development and the character model used is just a default.)

Major changes will come to AstroFar, hopefully with the time-frame that I have, there will be an early access near completion for Free. Around late June, or mid July.

Screenshot was taken in engine.

Link to ASTROFAR's Discussion page on

ASTROFAR (Teaser) community · Created a new topic Opinions?

What do you think about AstroFar? Sounds, looks interesting? Let me know!

Loved it, but think the dev should add a leveling up system to it. :)

I'm so confused as what to do after you actually get into the game and not doing the codes and files.