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If you want to learn a bit more about the game, check our strategy guide on Steam and get into higher number of waves!

It is true, I really had it in the wrong way. I'm kinda new with theses things! Thanks for the replies, I did make it work after understanding how all of this works!

Thanks, leafo!

I've created a webserver that handles http from a game I have in 

I was trying to enable CORS to only allow requests from my subdomain, like

Can I set a CORS limit to only my Subdomain? Is that possible?

Thanks for the reply leafo. I really want to use as a platform for distributing my games and I'm having to be really careful with development so I can maintain my games in an accessible range. I know I can switch to another engine, (I'm currently using UE4 that has an experimental pipeline for HTML5), but I've invested a lot on it and I'm giving it a try. Enabling Gzip could really help the UE4 community as the files get really compressed.

Thank you the intention to try and prioritize it, it really means a lot :D
I'm always following the platform and love it!

I've been looking for publishing HTML5 games using gzip but I couldn't figure out how to do it with, so I've done some research and came across this Issue #394 from April 14th 2016 :

Is it not possible yet? I've put a game using gzip files and I get errors that the webserver does not provide the headers needed.