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There is a way to restore your HP, but it's relatively rare.

The first impression might be false, because the game is easy. And it gets only easier. In the second half of the game you'll be able to get as many bullets and HP as you want.

There is only one ending. The game is short (about 4 hours) and not very story-heavy. It may seem difficult at first, but it gets easier and easier. 

(After you kill the first boss, return to the King - you can find some bullets in his room if you have zero. After that you should go right, to the second pipe. The hardest part is behind you. 

If you are looking for your normal Survival Horror Action Adventure Platformer - this is the one, look no further. Dark Dreams RHN is released and free: Download RHN



Dark Dreams RHN is a Survival Horror Metroidvania based on actual nightmares.

RHN is a dream machine designed to record and interpret dreams. "Dark Dreams" in particular simulates a "perfect nightmare" based on the real dreams of the real people. The world of Dark Dreams RHN is a work of their (and my own) collective subconsciousness.

*Non-linear open-world filled with enemies, traps and puzzles

*Survival Horror and platforming - in the same game; at the same time

*Varied boss fights

*Surreal "mind sex" story with characters that "make no sense whatsoever"

*Hand-drawn 2D graphics