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Oh, I see, I didn't see it this way. Thanks ^^

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The game seem pretty fine but I have absolutely no clue on how to send a demon on a task. When I go on the tab, I see the first one, I see a kind of grey square next to it, but I can click wherever I want, select a different demon before going to the tab, and all, nothing happens. I might be too tired to think correctly, but well x)

Eager to see those plans coming to fruition then :p

Pretty nice, hoping to see more of it ^^ Hope we'll see a bit more what the enemy really look like :3

Just wanted to say that I really liked that first chapter. Some typos and all, but the story start well, the characters are hot, and all. I just wonder, will there be romance or just plain "carnal acts" ? x) And if there's romance, will it be locked or we can do the 4 at the same time if the two other characters are the same size as Gahel and Elred, wouldn't mind getting them all on me x)) ? I'm wondering too if there'll be battles, and the possibility to loose to monsters/demons in a suggestive manner ? Maybe too much question already :p 

  Good luck for continuing !

I think you can't have this path for now (unless it was on the last update and I didn't see it), there's only the path with Torgar corrupted

Anytime, sir !

Hey Sombreve, I hope you're going better and everything is fine on your side ! Thanks for the udpate !

You have to be big enough. Doing so will lock the fact you can fuck naga's slit, and open this one

Heyo !

  I wanted to know, does all the creatures (except Gnosis, I guess) have a CG like the bee ones with Hazel ? I would love to see one with the kind of minotaur and the worm one, but I don't know if it's already there, planned, or if there'll be nothing with it ^^

Thanks. That's what I thought, but I always fought him when I was too big (I guess, don't remember the sizes I had). But I don't know if it unlock anything else doing that

Btw, for those who don't check patreons, due to his father's medical issues, Sombreve is pausing the development for one month. He posted that in may, after one of the update, so I guess we'll not have an update for june. Please send him lots of love !

Tbh, I think there's something more with the naga, but can't find what (other than eating him, making him fuck your slit and loosing to him). There's another option, where you can fuck his slit, but I can't get it. I don't know if it could be tied to being able to talk to the naga after, but well. Otherwise, I don't know, maybe it have been removed, or you're just crazy x)

Right, it's true that he gives you a stone that allow you that, I forgot x) But that would be cool if there's a bit more, tho ^^

You can't for now. I wouldn't be surprised if we would be able to do more with him in the future, as for now, there's no real use of giving him the demonic souls

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Might be a mobile problem, I had the scene on pc and I had a leave button

I agree that Worrel is an incredibly sweet and hot daddy, but seeing some of the other characters, I wouldn't mind other routes x)

Cheers to the artist, then ^^ And I'm sure you'll do fine ^^

Saw the first images of Reidruss, instantly thought "I'll need this VN" x) Eager to see how it'll go ^^


Wow, I think nobody thought to see you again, glad you're still here ^^ What do you call MV, tho ? Will it be the last update, as you use "final" ?

I sadly think it's dead. I checked his patreon, and I saw nothing about it, only the comics

If I remember correctly, you'll have a quest with him mentioning rats. THat'll unlock the basement.

If you press on ' (after, it depends of your keyboard x) ), you can make appear some Unreal parameters on the screen. You'll see something call like "Foxy_BP" moving, and it'll be where Foxy is. With that, you'll know where he is and where he's going. If you're lucky enough, pressing ' will make appear a consol command, type "DestroyTarget" in it, and when you look at Foxy, you press Enter (I never saw this console, but maybe you'll see it x) )

Maybe it's because the ventilation is off again and you have to turn it on again

Just finished the demo, and I loved it. Love the reason of the invitation too x) Will love to see more, you're on a roll with your good games, Kulplant x)

I need Mooor ! Cool game, would love to see thebreeding CGs x) Following this game closely !

Did it, at least to use my twitter one time in the year x) Have to play the newest version, I really like this game ^^
  You can still try this, even if it didn't work for me. Maybe the console is disabled, I'll check that later in the files x)

 I must say, that's what happen too when I press '. I saw on internet that when pressing that, there should be a console appearing, but nothing do except that x)

Pretty nice game, for a beginning. Had nightmare flashbacks when seeing the unreal dev console when pressing "'" x) One or two things (that you, dev, might already want to add x) ), maybe having a UI to know what you can interact with, and when (I didn't know I could open some doors because when I tried, I was just a bit too far from it); reducing Foxy's speed, maybe ? Or adding a sprint button. If you're just too far from any hiding spot, it's just impossible to escape.
  I got a little bug too, I died of lack of air when Foxy saw me. He was able to reach me before the "You died" appeared, and so triggered both cutscenes at the same time (first was the "You die", then the lews cutscene, then the dead cutscene). And adding a "notice", or something like that for the things you have to do. I mean, I was trying to do the task by the generator, but couldn't know what I was doing, or how to do it (only tried this one, tho, I died everytime after x) ) After, but that's just my tastes, maybe adding some bottom scenes for the MC.... Just saying x)

  But a really good ground, will love to see more ! (and if you need some help for 3D assets...Wouldn't mind helping, you know x) )

Thanks a lot, I didn't even know there was a bat x) I'll try that !

Hey, I wanted to know, is there some scenes with the enemies in the dark forest ? I'm just upping the knight, and gave the object to the ww, but nothing happen, so I was wondering x)

  Fun game btw, sad the images are cropped :p

Hey ! An interesting game so far ^^ But I have a little problems, sometimes the dialogues just get stuck. If I click, nothing happen, and the little arrow is moving like crazy. It happened the first time I meet the minotaurs, and another time after violence lessons, when I ask about the fly. Don't know if it's a known bug or not x)

Oh, ok ok. Thanks ^^

Yo, I was wondering, is it possible to loose to the werewolf by lust ? I mean, I tried to see what happen if it happen, but or I had to attack him, or to tease him, but it's hard to have your lust going up without dying, or defeating him by lust or attack. So I was wondering, wouldn't mind loosing to the big boy x)

You can't download the .apk ?

Thanks, I'm eager to continue :p

How far can we go in the public build ? Seems I did everything in Whitefang (so, just took the quest from the drunken man after the werewolf thing, and there's no option in the 4 other different locations in there), and when I reach the end of the golden field path, I can't meet Shadow, it's always written in red. So was wondering if there was anything more