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Well made!!! Very fun to play! Loved it :)

Never should have watched that show as a kid O_O hahaha

Glad you like the concept and art!! Thanks for the feedback! polish (and also game balance) are definitely missing indeed.

Good game ~ peer pressure, I had to comment this 0_0

Wow this looks awesome!! Love the poetry! Very cool!

Nice levels! Great concept!

Really fun concept! My highest score is 200

I really like the screen effect!!! I hope you had a great time and learned a lot, even though you didn't finish it!

Wow looks cool! Love the squirrel :)

Nice art. Like the variation on the final countdown! :)

Cool concept. Nice art and sound :)

Wow cool concept. Really enjoyed it!

Really cool game! Love the atmosphere :) 

Thanks for playing our game and giving feedback!! One question: With optimization, do you mean performance or polish/bug fixes?

Fun game. Well done!

Thanks for playing!! Appreciate the feedback :)

Cool Concept! You really did a good job with the third person camera! 

What a game :) Amazing music and art!! Well done!

Fun concept! Well done!

Lovely game with great sound! Really like the way you made the menu.

That's a shame, the yellow beenie was my favorite. Really would have liked to get it returned to me.  ;)

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it!

Wow, really cool game. Well done!

haha thanks!!!

Glad you enjoyed. Thanks for the feedback!

Fun game! couldn't get it to work in the browser but luckily you also provided a downloadable version :)

Great looking environment!! Fun game. Well done!

Nice art. Love the way the music gives me the goblin vibe!!

Nice art style! Fun game! :)

Great! love the artwork and music. Also like the fun puzzles. Good Job!! :)

Very unique, fun and great sound. Well done!

Wow fun game. Like the dialogs! And for the record. The bin isn't ugly ;)

Nice concept. Love the music! :)

Yes I did. I send you a dm on twitter (don't know how to do it on itch). You can react there if you want to be spoiled on what to do.

Haha thanks for playing! We also see some VR potential :)

It look really cool! The most important thing from game jams is to have fun and learn. Hope you succeeded in those!!! From my experience every year I grow from the global game jam :)

Really like the concept. It was a challenge but a fun one :)

Fun game :)

Fun concept, having to move objects around the office!

Nice art :) Really like the physics on the chairs

Wow, awesome! Exploring this beautiful world really feels rewarding