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Ahhh, that's a shame! Was hoping it would work.

Edit: I just researched it and found out that the software I'm using doesn't work for XP because it requires DirectX 11 and XP doesn't support it. Sorry you couldn't get to play it!

Of course! Just uploaded an extra file called "FairlyNudeInstaller". Sorry for uploading it so late, I was having problems with my internet, and couldn't upload it til now. Let me know if it works!

Haha, super fun video! Your dancing is on point xD

Thanks so much for taking the time to not only play the game, but also upload a video! It means a lot!

Thank you for letting me know about this problem! Just uploaded a fix:)

And, thanks for playing Fairly Nude! I hope you're finding it fun!

Thanks for taking the time to play the game, and for leaving a comment! Much appreciated!

I understand what you mean completely, and I totally agree that a reason would have helped. I had planned to do a story, but unfortunately fell short on time. The point of the game is sort of to insult just to be mean, so I think that there is only a small group of people who would like a game like this.

I'm glad you thought the mechanics were okay! Again, thanks for leaving a comment!

Thanks for the kind words! Yup, the last track is strangely satisfying! I am really impressed that you played through it! A lot of people said that it is was way too hard;) Yes, a financial report would have been great! Unfortunately, I didn't have more time to work on the game. On to another project!

Thanks again for taking the time to play it!


Fairly Nude community · Created a new topic Gameplay videos

If you have taken the time to play Fairly Nude, and you have made a gameplay video, post it below!

Fairly Nude community · Created a new topic Bugs and Issues

If you have come across and bugs or issues with the build, please post them here.

Hahaha, great video! Thanks so much for taking the time to play the game! Never seem someone rage that much, hahaha! The full version will have more of a curve to the difficulty, so players can get used to the mechanics. Hope you're not too scarred to play it when it comes out!

Again, thanks for going through pain!

Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm really glad you liked it!

Yes, more of a difficulty curve is what I'm working on at the moment. So I think you'll like the full release!

Thanks for taking the time to comment!

Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a solid and helpful reply!

Yes; the level design is the main aspect of the game I'm taking a much closer look at for the full release. I'm working on a learning curve that gets the player used to the mechanics before throwing them into chaos, and I feel like I am getting there.

By adequate controller support, what do you mean exactly? How do you think I could improve it?

Just finished the game.

Quite fun gameplay! I really like the background pixel art! Congrats, you're doing pretty well!

Only advice would be to fix some of the UI being blurry & also when wall jumping too much, the character moves outside the view; otherwise, good luck with your game!

Hahaha, alright, that's the longest it's taken someone to finish the intro level, hahaha;)

Thanks you so much for taking the time to play the demo!

Awesomely entertaining video! Thanks so much for taking the time to play the demo! Left a comment on the video

Oh, and I don't know your shtick is with the games, comics, etc. but I like it. Very David Lynch-like.

3 levels, and still not naked! Usually, by the end of the demo people are down to their underwear. It was very challenging to code the game, considering the constant need to undress, but I managed. 

Hahaha, great video! I'm definitely impressed; you're one of the better game plays I've seen! Left a comment on the video. Thanks for taking the time to play it!

Awesome, looking forward to seeing it! Thanks for taking the time to play the demo!

I really appreciate it!

I will!

Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a detailed and valuable comment! Unbelievably helpful!

- The first versions of the game had variable jumping, and also wall jumping. Then, I decided to make it more basic and simple, so I changed it to what it is now, and I haven't thought about it since; until you just mentioned it. Now that I think about it, variable jumps does sound intriguing. I will definitely code variable jumping just to test it out and see how it functions within the levels.

- I totally agree. I was torn on whether to much of an introduction takes away from the difficulty and "rage" aspect. However, I do agree with you. Hard games are only fun when you lose because of good level design, not the controls.

- I like the idea of having water. I will take note of that, and If I have the time I'll add it.

- This is true; but like it says in the description, "unoriginal platformer", haha ;)

Again, thank you so much for commenting! This was extremely helpful, and I'm definitely going to take a lot of what you said very seriously, because let's be honest; those were some very accurate points.

I appreciate it! 

Unfortunately, I don't have a Mac version, yet. It's a longer process to setup the mac version, but If I see that things go well with the game, I'll definitely prioritize a Mac version

Do you have any thoughts on how I can improve the level design?

Alright. So, after fixing some issues, I noticed that because of how I coded the movement mechanics, the controller functions poorly (with variable speed), and has a big friction issue. Plus, the fact that it would be very different to play with a controller than a keyboard, so I think I'll remove it and just have the D-Pad

Thanks for the link! I managed to code my own version, and It's functioning great. However, I'm just thinking that then it's gonna be easier to play using a controller than a keyboard. What do you think?

(1 edit)

I'm working on an update, in which I take note of all the great feedback you guys have given! Thanks!

I totally understand what you mean. My first game, so I really do appreciate comments like yours! Helps me learn and grow!

Well, "Game design; still learning" fits a bit more. Again, thank you for taking the time to post a comment, that alone I appreciate!

Thank you so much! It's super valuable that you take the time to comment!

Ya, I agree, I will work on something that'll introduce the player to the mechanics. I really like that wall idea!

It really means a lot that you finished the Demo!

Great feedback! I'll definitely take note of that. The movement mechanics are the same for controller and keyboard, meaning that the game's movement happens instantly at the press of a button. I unfortunately don't have variable speed for the controller. So, maybe I should just remove the ability to move with the joystick, and instead just have the D-Pad.

Thanks! Very valuable feedback! Thanks for taking the time to comment, I appreciate it!

Hahaha, thanks so much for taking the time to play our game! We really really appreciate it! I didn't realize how hard the game was 'til now, haha. Great commentary! After watching that, I now know I need to add more insults;)

Haha, no, you were right:) Thanks for letting me know! Just updated the download file!

Hmm, I'll check that out.

Thanks for the kind words! It really means a lot that you took the time to comment! I appreciate it!

I'm impressed you got to level 3 ;)

Hey. I was wondering if there is some other way I could connect with you to send you the game files. I would love to hear from you before I update the game on What about Discord?

I see what you mean. Because of the amount of time I've played the game for, I got used to the mechanics and therefore didn't notice that. I tried playing the game keeping what you mentioned in mind, and I get what you mean now. I'm gonna make a few changes and update the game in some hours. I would really appreciate it if you could try it again and tell me what you think!

Thanks for commenting! Ya, I understand. It's really good to hear feedback like yours. My first game, so stuff like this teaches me a lot. Really appreciate it!