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A member registered Jun 20, 2017

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Tried the game for the first time, kept playing for 40 minutes. Very good. Will prob buy later.

Thanks a lot for supporting linux.

Linux version runs Ok. I only played about 10 minutes. I'll do the whole playthrough and report any bug I find.

Good work!!! Congrats!!!


I just played the game for the first time. Just did both tutorials and the first Demo mission.

  • I loved the control, I like the inertia and how hard it is to maniobrate in small spaces.
  • Pixelart is cool.
  • I'm playing in ubuntu 18.04, with a Logitech F310 controler. The game detected the controler flawlessly.
  • I'm on a Intel HD 520 and the game runs steadily at 60fps

I'll keep on playing and report anything I notice.

I'm having a little problem gettin the hang of the controls, but I guess I just need to git gud.

Nvr mind, got the dropbox link from webpage.

Hey. I can't download the game for Linux from the app.-

Great!! I'll keep an eye on this, thanks fopr the prompt reply.

Will this be avilable in Linux, as the precuel?