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Félix Metzinger

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Trop stylé mon Naruto !

Here you go ! I made a post-jam version of the game with android support, android friendly UI and some balance changes :)

Not for the moment, I checked the wrong boxes when uploading... I am actually working on an android export that might be released next week tought

Thank you ! for the one with the key you have to put the key on the lock and left click, however the hitbox is a bit to small, so it can be harder than the other games

Nice game, a fun idea but the camera shift make it too frustrating for me

Nice game, reminds me of that wii tank game ! A multiplayer version would be neat !

Nice and original idea, but I'm not sure I totally understood the controls, did I need to keep presing or just press once to change respiration ?

Love the idea, the lines are really funny ! I'm having hard time on the third one with my trackpad, can you even get the job if you complete all of them ?

Thank you ! and you are right, we need to rethink the game over, maybe an average win state when 3 out of 4 games are completed and a "perfect" if you did them all right might also be a possibility.

Easy to play hard to master (and also realy fun) !

Thank you ! And all thoses mistakes are now gone !

Smart and effective, gg for doing it in 4 hours !

Such a cute little game !