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I have now done the code for customising the log base for the size calculation, but this requires doing two log calculations per call rather than one. The sizes can be cached but in grid based mode it has to use an unordered_map to fetch some of the cached sizes which means it runs slightly slower than before. However, hopefully I will be able to make some changes to how the grid based system works, if it can be made much faster overall then the difference in the size calculation won't matter much.

The C++ code can be downloaded from

I am currently doing some work to allow for a config file. The calculation for the size is log e (mass) * 2.5f. I may add an option for customising this as one of the first config options.

Yes, I would like to add that eventually. Currently I am trying to get it to run faster with more particles.

The game might look pretty basic in screenshots but it's transformed by the excellent "Sheepie Save" mechanic.

Thanks for the review, it makes it all worth it!

I found that I had to view it at 170% scaling in Firefox for the scaling to be correct. After that I played to the end.