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Really good idea.

I just recently purchased a copy of Mystery Mansion and found your hack of Osmosis.

I couldn’t resist adding to it, though, using the cards from my old Whodunit board game.

Once the stock is placed, the lowest face-up card determines how many suspects there are. If less than three, it’s raised to three. If by some weird chance that all four are tens, then it’s lowered to nine.

If using Clue/Cluedo suspects,  anything over five is lowered to five.

Randomly draw the suspects and line them up at the top above the stock.

Shuffle the motive cards and deal one face down to each suspect.

Draw another suspect card. This is the victim, and goes face up to the left of the first foundation row.

Randomly draw a location card and a weapon card. Place them face down to the left of where the second foundation row will be. They are both flipped face up when the the foundation card is played.

Randomly draw another location card and place it face down to the left of where the third foundation row will be. This is where the weapon is found. It is flipped face up when the foundation card is played.

Each suspect is numbered from left to right above the stock. When their corresponding number is played in the fourth foundation row, that suspect’s motive is discovered.

In the stock, when the final card of each stack is played, if it matches a number of a suspect, they are proven innocent and no longer are considered a suspect.

The rest of the game is played as per the rules. However, when Mystery Mansion cards are drawn for events, tie a suspect into each one.

Once a game is won, the fourth foundation is picked up and shuffled. A Mystery Mansion card is drawn first to set the scene for the ‘reveal’ and then cards are drawn, one at a time, until one matches a remaining suspect. That suspect is then revealed as the killer using the Mystery Mansion card as inspiration.

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I picked up the BundleofHolding bundle and am now reading the core book to learn how to play.

Five star rating from me. Looks great!

Just picked up Nightfall, too.

And I see there are some goodies here that weren't in the bundle. I don't mind paying the $13 to complete it, as it looks to be worth the cost. So grabbing it here, too.

You know I'm looking forward to Terry Winter 2.

Glad to see you around. Hadn't seen you post on Steam in a while. Was hoping you were okay.

Thanks, Eric! It's great to hear your impressions.
I intend to tie it into a solo board game I've been working on using the 'Three Ins' I outlined here.
Thanks again for providing Hack the RPG for people to easily create using a solid foundation.

I just wanted to compliment you on Maximum Apocalypse. It looks really good.
I bought the base set and the Gothic one (as I'm a big classic horror fan).
I also picked up Brass Empire.
I may not get to play any of them anytime soon, though, as my printer is out of color ink, but I wanted to show some support for the games.
Thank you for being interested in making a nice quality game that's solo-friendly, and making it available in PnP.

Have you thought about combining the older expansions into a bundle?
Buying multiple items in a short amount of time, even with Paypal, makes my bank get suspicious.

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Enjoying the game so far. Granted, I haven’t gotten to the warping stage, yet.

There was a game I played on Big Fish’s site where you flew a cargo plane. All you really did was deliver cargo, give passengers rides or buy/sell goods. It was very chill, with no combat. I really liked it.

This game has a similar vibe, but with a Han Solo ‘keep the ship in working order’ feel to it.

I really like the aesthetics of the game. The computer screen with it’s old school display and beeps, the various tools and their uses.

I also like the cargo is handled and physically moved to and from the ship.

You’ve done a good job so far and I can’t wait to see what else you add to the game.

Enjoying the game. Good work!

Some errata:

2 of Diamonds - Disregard the last paragraph. It was a leftover from an earlier draft that I overlooked.

Ace of Spades should read "You might not be him, would you?"

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Thanks, everyone. This has been real informative. Making a list of things to check out.

I forgot to mention that I used a private Discord server for the initial writing. It was an easy way to have access on my phone to type it all up, then I just copied and pasted on the pc from Discord to Photoshop.

I don't know about Adobe. I've been trying to break away from using Photoshop because of their 'leasing' and not 'owning' sales model. But it's been hard. It took me about 20 years to get where I am now with Photoshop. I'm no master, but I'm at a place of comfortable confidence. I'm sure there's quite a few people that feel stuck with them for the same reasons. It's a beast to learn.

I downloaded a few other art programs in the last few months to start moving away from Photoshop. Corel, Gimp and Krita are the top contenders. I picked up the Corel bundle not too long ago, and was real impressed with it. The gradients are so much smoother than in Photoshop and everything blends nicer. I also noticed that Inkscape can open Corel files.

But still, if I want to do something, it's easier for me to jump into Photoshop to do it. I'm going to have to force myself to not go there first if I'm going to learn to use another program.

Carta Jam community · Created a new topic Workspace?

I’m three-quarters done with my submission and it’s going to be the first pdf I’ve ever created from scratch.

As I reach the finish line, it occurred to me that my workspace is going to limit my output.

I used Photoshop for everything. Images, text, formatting and layout... And I’ll be using it to make the pdf.

It wasn’t until I was half done that it finally hit me that the pdf was going to be image-based without any kind of text searching. It would be much similar to a printed book in that effect.

I recently was suggested to try out Inkscape for handling the text and pdf conversion. I downloaded it and did the first tutorial yesterday. I do not see me learning it fast enough to reconstruct the 30 pages I’ve done so far, however.

So, I’m curious, what programs are you all using for your workspace? What works for you?

I highly recommend getting A Matter of Murder on Steam. Great game for fans of Clue.

Nice conversion of Mythic to d6's.
The pocketmod looks good, too.

Thanks for the reply.

I will try it again later when I have more experience playing journal games.

Love the original Alien film, so I had to try this.

Journal writing games are new to me and I find something with a timer (such as the blocks or the Kings) really helps keep them from turning into a walking simulator.

I had some hesitation at first, but the prompts were so well detailed that the writing came easy.It felt almost effortless.
While your writing was the main reason, I think I could also attribute some of the credit to my liking of the film.
It wasn't difficult at all to get into the right headspace for it.

Overall, an enjoyable experience despite my character dying on Day 7 after finally making some progress.

Played this as my first Wretched & Alone experience, as I'm a big fan of Clue, Murder by Death and Agatha Christie.

Since I hadn't played The Wretched or any of the other W&A games up to that point, I really didn't have the basic knowledge to fall back on.
I think Murder! would play better for someone more experienced with the system.

For me, I had two issues.

The first was that when I drew the initial cards, I mistakenly thought that they were to handle the investigation of the murder of the host. Until I drew the room and wondered how his body could be found in both the Bathroom and the Kitchen.
So I ended up changing the name of the victim to someone else and continuing on from there.

The second was that it felt like it just went from murder to murder with quick succession. There was no intermission for detective work. At least not that I could see.

I do want to thank you for putting out an item that brings attention to the traditional murder mystery, however.
I hope I'm not too critical of it.
I'll likely come back to it later once I have more experience with W&A.

I like the Fallen London/Sunless Sea style gameplay. A good job of applying it to an Out There type of exploration.
Will play this some more.

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I previously bought the older Mythos Horror pack (and several others) on Steam for VX Ace.
I find the character portraits very useful.
Thank you for including these in the Social Justice bundle.

Any plans for more modern character templates?