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Heya! Unfortunately we decided to take the demo down, since in many ways it didn't represent very well the full version we were working on. Honestly I can't even remember all the changes we've made, but there were quite a lot of polishing done.

We just posted some new screenshots here :)

After the demo we actually moved back working on our main title, Tales of Esferia: Araxis and it's currently available on Steam.

If you want, I can throw you a free code for it via email, if it would somewhat scratch the itch of playing Archipelago :)

Lately we've been super busy with our day jobs and barely had much time to work on Archipelago, but we really want to get it done, but it will most likely take a little while. The goal is to release it on Steam (and most likely on here too) as a free game when we get it done.


Thanks for the kind words, Frogge! And I'm happy to say that the feedback you gave about Archipelago has been noted with this one, so there is a toggle for sprint and the dialogue boxes don't cut horribly as they do in the Archipelago IGMC demo ;)

Those are just some of the improvements though, so be sure to check the game out when you can!

Currently we're back to working on Archipelago, it's getting a bit of an overhaul, so all the improvements from Araxis will be there also :)

Oh, so that was the reason. Thanks for sharing this with us :)

Thanks! Kiva että maistu ;)


Thank you for your feedback and thanks for trying out the game!

It does seem that the vines part is giving trouble to some people, so I'll give you a little hint: take another look inside the cave ;)

Regarding the difficulty:

I'm a pretty old school gamer myself and this demo has a lot of influence from old school games like The Secret of Monkey Island, Broken Sword etc. and I just personally wouldn't like to make the game too easy, since I feel the whole "hook" of these games is for the player to pay attention (surroundings, what stands out in the maps, dialog and all that jazz) and try to figure out how to get further in the game. Of course the interactable stuff shouldn't be too hard to spot and I tried to help that with the top left hud (with lights turning on when you're looking at something you can interact with) and with the description text which pops up at the bottom of the screen. 

I know the jungle maps have a lot of stuff going on in them and you might feel that it's frustrating to go over every nook and cranny to see what you can interact with, but that's why all the interactable stuff on those maps are on places that stand out (the camp, the cave) with the exception of the vines (which Edward tells you about) and the coins. The coins are meant to be just a collectable thing for someone who does like to look for them :)

But again, thanks for the feedback! <3

I'm also making a sci-fi themed adventure game with similar gameplay to Archipelago :)

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The E-button actually inspects the points of interest, for example when you press E at the Overlook spot (where you used the bundle of vines) Edward says that maybe he could get some vines to lower him down there. All the points of interest have additional information when you press the E-button so, I very much recommend using the E-button if you feel like you're getting stuck :) 

Thanks for the feedback and it was nice to watch someone play the game! :)


The only reason why this would happen (that I can think of) would be that the F1AltEnterF12.dll file is missing from the Archipelago\System folder and I don't know why it would be missing :O But can you check if that file actually is in the folder? And if not, try to reinstall the game :)

Thank you for the feedback and I'm super happy you liked the game!

Originally I actually had the running option in the game but it was way too fast for my taste and like a lot of your other issues, it got pushed further down the list of things to do because I was starting to run out of time. The Jungle map with the temple and the Gadget puzzle took much more time to make than I anticipated, so it was all time away from things like the coin collecting, which I actually added in on the last day since I did make the maps with those coins in mind and really wanted to get them in the game :)

Also the spearhead and the other ruby were planned to come in play later in the game when you get to the other islands and the temple to be a place where you keep returning and venturing deeper into. So, my thinking was that missing the other ruby and having that spearhead would tell the player that there is more planned but it just didn't make it in to the demo.

The dialogue is something that I feel I struggle the most with (from the actual dialogue to the formatting etc.) and it's definitely something I can improve in :)

But anyways, thanks again for the feedback! You have no idea how much it actually helps <3


This happens with any .rar file you download from the web, if you don't save the .rar file to a location of your choosing but instead choose to just open the .rar file when it has finished downloading. Then the default destination path for extraction is C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Local\Temp\Archipelago.

But if you choose to save the file instead of opening it, then it goes to your downloads folder (default is C:\Users\YourUsername\Downloads) and when you then extract the files, the default path is C:\Users\user\Downloads\Archipelago.

From there on you still need to extract the actual game from the Archipelago.exe file with blue icon. This is an unnecessary step which I could've avoided, but I pretty much just copied the process from an igmc 2017 entry which had success in the competition.

Hopefully this clears things up a bit :) But if someone has problems just hit me up and I'll be more than happy to help out!

Heya, Eliaquim!

Thanks for the feedback, it's highly appreciated! :)

The controls for the game are arrow keys for movement, Q for inventory, E for inspect and Enter / Space for Use/Action. There's also a tiny hud on the top left corner with icons corresponding these actions. Additional to that, the hud has tiny lights which light up when you're in a spot where you could be doing some of these actions, but you will have to be facing the right way, for example you need to be facing the vines to be able to do something with them :)

On the item menu you have the option to combine items because some items will not work as they are, and they're supposed to be combined first.

Hopefully this helps ya and you're willing to give it another try sometime!

And again, thanks for the feedback! All this is like nuggets of gold to me, since I'm still very new to this and I would like to hone and polish everything I can about the game :)

Thanks! The game was inspired by old school adventure games like Secret of Monkey Island, Kyrandia etc. and while the game isn't played with a mouse it was fun to try to create something which plays a bit similar :)

Glad you liked it! I do have some ideas already on how to continue the game and I actually would've liked to make the puzzles etc. a little bit harder, but I was worried about the one hour time limit so I kept it pretty simple. So, you can expect the final game to be a bit more challenging ;) Btw, did you find all the 5 gold coins? My two testers didn't so I'm just curious :)

Well thank you, hope you like it! :)