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This looks adorable and elegant! Just so I understand the rules... Am I correct that in the photos you posted here & in the rules PDF, all of the green buttons are thickets tiles and there are no barren ground tiles visible? (they are presumably the flip side of the buttons)

That was tricky, but I got it in the end! Clever idea :)

Excellent demo! Would love to play this on Mac. Does Defold export for macOS?

Clever & fun! Thanks for making this :) Sadly, on macOS the marbles are all solid white. Tested on a 2020 MacBook Pro, running macOS 11 Big Sur. I didn't see any errors in the console, but this is likely some sort of shader issue.

I like this game. The idea is silly (in a good way) and presents an interesting challenge. Also the art is really polished.

This is really fun! I like how each character has a very distinct mechanic.

It works now! Thanks! Windows Defender didn't complain at all this time - only the expected Google Chrome warning about this file being rarely downloaded.

This is super fun to play with. Thanks so much! Totally worth $7 and more :)

I'm seeing the same warning from Windows Defender about "Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.C!ml" with the updated build (as of 2020-07-14)

Pure genius & an amazing collaboration. I am in awe.

This game is lovely, hilarious, and loads of fun playing coop. We have only one more task to complete, and we found a secret area!

BTW, The saw problem mentioned in the other comments is fixed.

Oh, I think I figured out what was wrong. I put my OGMO project file on my Desktop, which has loads of deeply nested folders which OGMO was trying to peer into. Once I made a subfolder and put my OGMO stuff in there, it was fine.

I have the same problem. I downloaded the osx version of v3.3 and it launches, but the UI freezes up after a few seconds and is completely unusable. :(

Try moving the app to another folder. Sometimes that makes macOS re-examine the contents of the app bundle and it suddenly works.

This game was really fun. Thanks for making it!

Just a note, that you need to hold right mouse button and click left at the same time to fire, which is not possible on a Mac laptop trackpad. I plugged in an external mouse and it worked fine.

Note to devs: If you allow an alternative to GetMouseButton() via GetKey() or GetButton() that would be helpful :)

Such an awesome game! BABA IS WIN!

Also, it runs fine on my Mac via Wine. If you want a self-contained Mac version to add to your itch entry, let me know.

So much fun. My kids and I really enjoyed it!

By the way, it works fine on macOS via Wine.

Looking forward to the full game someday!

You have a file for download, but it is marked as Linux, so says "Not available on macOS".

Nice! Thanks for making this game :)

It works great now. Thanks!

This is an awesome thingy-that-you-made. It would make a great VR experience too :)

If the OSX version doesn't work for you ("Not found. Obtaining sources.."), here is how to fix it:

1. Download it into your ~/Downloads folder.

2. Open Terminal

3. Type: cd ~/Downloads/LIbraryOfBlabber_016_osx/

4. Type: ln -s Data/* .

Now you can double-click it and it should run properly.