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Excellent demo! Would love to play this on Mac. Does Defold export for macOS?

Clever & fun! Thanks for making this :) Sadly, on macOS the marbles are all solid white. Tested on a 2020 MacBook Pro, running macOS 11 Big Sur. I didn't see any errors in the console, but this is likely some sort of shader issue.

I like this game. The idea is silly (in a good way) and presents an interesting challenge. Also the art is really polished.

This is really fun! I like how each character has a very distinct mechanic.

It works now! Thanks! Windows Defender didn't complain at all this time - only the expected Google Chrome warning about this file being rarely downloaded.

This is super fun to play with. Thanks so much! Totally worth $7 and more :)

I'm seeing the same warning from Windows Defender about "Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.C!ml" with the updated build (as of 2020-07-14)

Pure genius & an amazing collaboration. I am in awe.

This game is lovely, hilarious, and loads of fun playing coop. We have only one more task to complete, and we found a secret area!

BTW, The saw problem mentioned in the other comments is fixed.

Oh, I think I figured out what was wrong. I put my OGMO project file on my Desktop, which has loads of deeply nested folders which OGMO was trying to peer into. Once I made a subfolder and put my OGMO stuff in there, it was fine.

I have the same problem. I downloaded the osx version of v3.3 and it launches, but the UI freezes up after a few seconds and is completely unusable. :(

Try moving the app to another folder. Sometimes that makes macOS re-examine the contents of the app bundle and it suddenly works.

This game was really fun. Thanks for making it!

Just a note, that you need to hold right mouse button and click left at the same time to fire, which is not possible on a Mac laptop trackpad. I plugged in an external mouse and it worked fine.

Note to devs: If you allow an alternative to GetMouseButton() via GetKey() or GetButton() that would be helpful :)

Such an awesome game! BABA IS WIN!

Also, it runs fine on my Mac via Wine. If you want a self-contained Mac version to add to your itch entry, let me know.

So much fun. My kids and I really enjoyed it!

By the way, it works fine on macOS via Wine.

Looking forward to the full game someday!

You have a file for download, but it is marked as Linux, so says "Not available on macOS".

Nice! Thanks for making this game :)

It works great now. Thanks!

This is an awesome thingy-that-you-made. It would make a great VR experience too :)

If the OSX version doesn't work for you ("Not found. Obtaining sources.."), here is how to fix it:

1. Download it into your ~/Downloads folder.

2. Open Terminal

3. Type: cd ~/Downloads/LIbraryOfBlabber_016_osx/

4. Type: ln -s Data/* .

Now you can double-click it and it should run properly.