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A member registered Jan 16, 2017

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Ok, thanks. 

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Sorry if I've missed the obvious, but is there a feature to save your game yet?

Edit: Ahh, I see that is a planned feature for the future (an important one in my eyes). Fair enough.

I'll try that later on today, thanks.

Hi, I downloaded the newest version and for some reason whenever I move/interact in any way, the starting gun (can't remember its name but it sort of stabs out with a spike) 'fires'/makes a noise. I guess this could be down to remapping keys, since it didn't happen before when playing the vanilla release.

Thanks. :)

Thanks for the reply. :)

By the way, what level of coding experience does one need to make a game like that? Thanks.

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Nice little game. Good job. :)

I may be echoing some of the comments already posted, but my thoughts thus far are:

Things I like:

* The sound is very good indeed, and the music, although a tad repetitive at times, is still well done.

* The atmosphere is very tense and although I'm not normally a big fan of rogue like games, this is one of the better ones I've bought.

* The ability to upgrade, forge and expand your inventory space (and so on) is a very nice inclusion.

* Quite a nice visual style.

Things I would like to see included:

* Being an old school mouse and arrow key user, I would love to see remappable keys.

* Information about the resolution used would be nice; is it set according to your desktop res, or not?

Many thanks for your efforts, and I look forward to seeing it develop further. Keep up the good work! :)