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Thank you!  I also did a double take at your name, and am feeling kind of honored for you kind words. 

Thank you again.  :)

Thank you!  Everything you said honestly encouraging, and agreed with on every point.  And again, this is much appreciated. :)

Hi!  This was made in Pico-8 using their stock font. 

They made the font available in a Creative Commons license.  A file and the CC information is available at the bottom of:

Getting around the limitations of the HUD meant aiming for symbols instead of text where possible.  

Thank you all around.  

It was said before, but I also really liked the different noises for the different ducks.  

This is from an earlier but nearly identical build of the game.  I think the only differences are cosmetic -- and that the cyclops moves at the intended speed now.   That said, it shows one way to finish the game.  

This is from an earlier build, and shows one possible way to finish the game.   The useful part starts at 30 seconds.  

Hey everyone.  Please feel free to communicate!  

This is my first game jam.  I was curious about the experience, which has so far been wonderful. This is also an effort to learn Pico-8 in order to help my brother.   Thanks to everyone who checked it out and who has made the discord server so lively.