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Nel caso non ricevessi riposta, so che Shawn Tomkin ogni tanto bazzica reddit. Ecco il suo profilo:

Please, we need an italian adaptation of Ironsworn! : D 

Grazie mille!

Thank mate! All clear now, I was able to build the deck with your instructions :-) 

Hi! A question about the rules: can you "run back" (Agility DR13) instead of attacking if there are monsters in your room? Thanks!

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Hi! I just bought the game but I'm having troubling understanding how to build the deck (sorry, i'm italian). Is there a video or another explanation somewhere? Thanks. I'm going to play it solo.

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I love this little system! 5 stars for me! On a side note, I would be really awesome to have a supplment that helps the player generate his/her own adventures

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Great little system! 5 stars for me : D (just be aware that the probability of rolling a 10 on a d10 is very different from rolling a 6 on a D6). I'd love to see a one page setting for it (for example a city with its principal factions) 

Sir, you are a genius : D

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Hi mate, I'm italian and I can tell that the 3rd file is not the italian translation of this game at all. It's another game about a 60-70s italian tv series. WTF

That being said, I love this game and it would be awesome to have an official supplment to play it solo : D

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Great job! Love the game format. As tibbiusgames suggested, I think it needs a rule that specify that when you attempt something not covered by your Occupation, you roll just 1d4. Another welcome addition could be a rule to incorporate advantage/disadvange by letting the characters re-roll their Skill Die and keeping the highest/lowest result : ) 

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Amazing job! It would be awesome to have a business-card official supplement to play it solo : )