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:'3 omg! I had no idea! haven't checked that place in a while!

Ack! my heart! I'm struggling through making the art for the next chapter and your kind words are helping me gather the strength to keep pushing on!

is there a way to turn off the Halloween costumes?

glad to hear you enjoyed it! and there will def be more quality Huxley time in future chapters ;3

haha yeah i like putting in those little notes at the end, it makes it feel official! i remember the authors notes of the first manga i read so vividly, it was such a special feeling to get a peek into the mind of a creator!

im glad it worked, and thanks for the kind words!

let me know if it works! and theanks, Merhur

i see, but you are able to get into the main menu of the comic? i had a reader reach out earlier about a similar issue and it turned out they launched the x32 version rather than the x64 and they had to delete and reinstall. so try that and see if it helps. if not, I have some errors i overlooked from putting in new character specific text boxes, so I will be making an update soon, and ill double check to see if there are any glitches with the builds as well.

aw yay! happy to hear that. I was a tad worried about this one, so I'm glad the risks payed off!

glad to hear you enjoyed it! and so sorry about the error, ill patch that ASAP

ack! so sorry, fixing that rn

Tenha paciência comigo, Eu estou usando o Google Tradutor. Obrigado pelas suas amáveis palavras. Estou curioso, você usou um tradutor para os quadrinhos?

Thank you for the kind words and well wishes. I'll do my best to bring this story to life and take care of myself while I do!

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AW thank you for your kind words. Sorry for your lack of sleep, but this brings me a devious kind of joy, to know I could write something gripping enough to do that! (Also welcome, friend of Ganon :3)

thanks! :3

old topic but i wanted to share my thoughts, I listen to crossing the astral bridge on repeat a TON. There is an uneasy, careful tone to the song that doesnt fit into my typical music taste, at least when it comes to when im just jamming or working, but while the tone does make me uncomfortable a little bit, I find the song to be very comforting. 

I was thinking about why the hell I feel this way, Till I realized the narrative connotations of the song within Minotaur Hotel. I have only done the route where u are super nice, because Asterion deserves the best haha, and crossing the astral bridge plays during a few key moments that really stick out in my head. I still vividly remember the scene where you first discover Asterion, and are learning about the hotel, even tho it's been forever since I first read it, and this song plays a lot during that segment. I may have this wrong, but im pretty sure it also plays sometimes when you go out to the desert to meet Argos, or at least before you start speaking to him and his theme starts. It also gets played a bunch when your exploring the mysteries of the Hotel.

With all this in mind, I see now that crossing the astral bridge comforts me so much to hear because I associate that uneasiness with the more challenging aspects of Minotaur Hotel's story, and in the face of those challenges, I always chose to be as kind and good as I could. To me this song sounds like standing my ground, and acting with love and care in the face of a harsh and mysterious world. so that's why its my fav!

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oh haha, well I'l just post it here and take the link down tommorow, i cant get into my twitter :P 

(edit i took down the link)

super excited to read through this! Thanks for making this :3

oop, is there a way to DM on Im somewhat new here and Id rather not put this link out in public for too long

I really appreciate your kind words, and the story you shared with me! It is always disappointing to see projects get abondond, and with how common it is with indi visual novels, I understand that readers are concerned about the future of this project, as I am a mostly unknown artists. Rest assured not only do i have a mountain of passion for this project, I have more sturdy motivations to finish it! You might have to wait till 2023 but HFTL will be completed someday.

About your personal creative pursuits, I have nothing but encouragement to offer you! I'm on a discord server of furry visual novel fans and creators, and if you'd like, I can share a link to it. Ive seen plenty of VN writers make calls for volunteer artist or colaborators with other talents, so it could be a good launching point if you'd like to pursue making your own VN!

Hey so, I realize this is probably a disappointing answer but I have to be honest. I have no Idea what the plan is with the uncensored release.

as of now the sex scenes are a couple chapters off still, so it might be some time till I make my decision.

That's the short answer, but If you'd like an explanation:

I am no longer sure if I will be making the uncensored Patreon only or if I will simply be uploading it uncensored anyway. I also want to stress that there is no, and never has been a SFW version of HFTL. Nudity and skimpy outfits was always part of the deal, even when it isn't explicitly involving a sex scene. I have no plans to release a version of the comic where this is toned down, sort of as a matter of principle.

This is my dillema: Since I'm writing a Drama / Romance, and not an Erotica, the sex scenes are more about the story than they are about getting off, and because of that they carry some important plot and character development moments. I'm worried that the impact of the experience will be hindered if I don't include them because of this. On the flip side... and at the risk of sounding callous... I do need to pay rent, and paywalling the sex scenes is a way to get people to help fund my work. I feel nasty even saying that though, because I genuinely want people to have easy and free access to HFTL.

I am somewhat leaning towards simply releasing it all uncensored here and keeping it simple, but I haven't made up my mind yet.

Glad I could finally figure it out! And I hope you enjoy it :3


This game is really cozy and sweet. It's quite cold right now where I live, and through the experience of reading this I felt a bit warmer! looking forward to what comes next with this :3

Aw shucks! thanks for your kind words, I'm happy you enjoy what you've seen so far! I hope you enjoy HFTL whenever you get around to reading it!

I'll just be using images from the previous chapter and writing a little blurb! it will be around 15 mins of work maximum :P


ahh! you are too kind!

I'll have that ready asap! its proven to be one of the more challenging things for me to figure out ^^;

Just finished reading the recent build, and uhhh wow I feel like I took that punch to the gut myself at the end. spoilers for folx who havent read yet sooo--------------------

I was really excited to see what dark shit Cooper was hiding from Cyrus, I sort of have a weak spot for hunky guys with dark secrets (as many of us do, haha) but man was I blindsided by the twist. This is going to stick with me for a while, I find myself playing over all the time with Cooper in my head. It doesn't seem to line up. He was so kind, more so than he needed to be if Cyrus was just his ticket to early retirement. I felt what he said about connecting was genuine, even after feeling so betrayed. Just goes to show how compelling you wrote their dynamic, great stuff.

last thought, I am holding out some hope that things with Cooper, er, I guess Lance, are not as bad as they appear. We don't have enough information at this point to tell exactly whats going on, so a part of me hopes Lance set it up so Axel and his crew would find Cyrus.

Thank you so much! I'm very lucky one of my fav musicians makes her work free to use, so i couldn't help myself in using it in my comic! 

Also like, our earth doesn't exist in this setting, but i always imagined Dawn as Vietnamese. (If I'm remembering correctly sun bears live around that area of Asia?) so I thought it was fitting to name them like that :P

AWE OMG! thank you for your kind words! Truly, I owe a lot of this to the incredible Patricia Taxxon, who makes her music free to use and edit! there are some other artist in there, but if you enjoy the sound of this comic, please go listen to her work :3

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no need to apologize! this is a very validating take on the style and vibe of HFTL and I'm glad you told me! I used to write a lot of Starfox fan-fiction, and that has served as some of the basis for this comic for sure! I always wanted to get my paws on the rights to Starfox to make it gayer, so instead of waiting for godot I decided to make my own thing! (also i wanted to add, the menu song for SF64 was played on repeat while i was writing chapter one. definetly a foundational aesthetic moment for my work!)

oh my! i thought that I set an OS for each version since then! sorry about that y'all, I will update that ASAP

Aw! Omg! thank you for your kind words <3

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it :3

Oh my god *facepalm*

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I would say it's somewhat nsfw as it is, what with the skimpy clothes and some nudity. As for like... hot, steamy sex scenes though, those will be coming eventually for a Patreon only version.


Aaaa! thank you so much! I do owe so much of to the music, this project wouldnt exist without the work of Patricia Taxxon, so if you love the sound you should def support her! and thank you for your kind words!