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Yes. The textures are allowed to be used commercially.



If your game is free you don't have to pay anything.


Nice implementation. Regards!

Yes. I'll update all the files and try to compile the brushes as abr too.

Place the tpl file into Photoshop’s Tool Presets folder.
- It will be something like Adobe > Photoshop > Presets > Tools; Or Applications > Adobe > Photoshop > Preset > Tools.
- Load the brushes via Tool Presets Panel: Open Photoshop, go to Window > Tool Presets, click on the little icon upper right from the Tool Presets Panel.
- Click on the file name (Inkers, Pencils, Essentials...), replace or append the Tools (Brushes).
- Uncheck the option "Current Tool Only" from Tool Presets Panel bottom.

Help > About PS > XX.X.X Release.

Which PS version do you have?


There's a way to convert the png inside each PS brush into materials to make brushes for CSP with abrMate but it's very messy. I have a set of CSP brushes ready to go and I will upload it as soon as I feel they are polished enough.


Thanks. I'll add a license file into the zip. You can use the font you got with the bundle in your commercial projects without extra payment. You can not re-distribute the file, share or re-sell it.

Kind regards!

I had not have a chance to test my brushes in prior versions to CS6.

Maybe GIMP can handle this brushes but first you'll need to save the .tpl files as .abr.

Thank you for your support!

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Installing Krita right now. I'll check the brush engine and give it a try. Regards!


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3 Paid works & 1 Free.


Hi Sean,

Your payment has been successfully processed.
I've sent you a backup of the font to your email (
Any question do not hesitate to reach me.


You can use it commercially naming your own price, or not, as long as it's attributed to the author and never reach the 10,000 sales (ie. indie game development). If your game project is being published by a mainstream publisher, requires a license fee.

Desktop, WEB, App, E-pub, Animation or Game project?