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Arbor Interactive

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Such a warm and r̴̡̡̢̛̥̲͓̙̮̩̖͍͖̰̗͖̜̪̣̲̮̞͐̄̿͜͝ų̷̱̼̦͖͈̫̼̤̠̯̝͌̐̓̈́̄̉̇̈̄͆͒̀͘͝n̸̯̮̩̲͕̜̩̪̲͌̊̐́̑̽̀̌̒̌̀̅̈̚͝ friendly game.

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Thanks so much for playing! That was very fun to watch!

Vroom vroom!

Amazing little puzzle– It was very fun experimenting with ways to drain time, though I can’t help but wonder if it’s possible to win while saving the donuts (i was always 30 seconds short).

(the intro may be skipped but the outro / endings may not be– I wish we could skip these too to speed up experimentation).

A very cool, moody stealth-action game with a ton of enemies to possess!

A 2D platformer with beautiful environmental / background art and a healthy collection of impactful mechanics. The game has really nice, steady progression– the player is always getting something new, and these new things are always useful.

Very cool update to a very cool game. Well done!

Super cute physics / traversal puzzler that makes great use of its spider theming!

Very fun tower defense with exceptional art and interesting Norse theming.

Super fun traversal game! The aesthetics have improved a great deal, as has the guidance!

The puzzles are exceptionally well designed, making use of every new mechanic in progressively-more-interesting ways. Great atmosphere and aesthetics!

Amazing experience– the game’s controls are just buttery smooth, the atmosphere is serene and the landscaqpe is epic. Well done!

Thank you!

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing!

Awesome game, and awesome use of color! In a future post, would you mind discussing how you implemented the green fog and lighting? The red lights don’t seem to work the way they do in most other games.

I feel you re: bug repopulation. Sometimes it seems one may spend an entire day identifying and knocking down pages of bugs, then the next day comes and there are somehow even more!

This could be a result of increasing expectations however– as the game improves bug-by-bug, issues that wouldn’t have been considered bugs, or wouldn’t be noticed amidst the other problems, begin to stand out more.

I think this also happens as a game’s development period lengthens. Issues that aren’t considered a pressing in a 2-week production may really chafe in a longer / more well-resourced production that has grander ambition.

Thank you so much for playing!

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Thank you! We're glad you didn't get too spooped!

Thank you! We're glad you had a good time!

Thank you for playing!

Hey! Thank you so much! We knew you could do it!

Thank you so much for playing! We'll look into it!

Thank you! Will do!

Thank you! We wondered how many people would explore long enough after the demo ends to find the bus boi!

Thank you so much! We're glad you made it through!

My first survival horror game-- inspired by PuppetCombo, Blake McKinnon Productions, and other amazing retro horror games! 

We would love your feedback! Can you solve the puzzles and ESCAPE the clutches of the Delta Psi fraternity?