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I'm suggesting that we can get specific permissions for individual admin levels.

  • Contributor
  • Edit game description
  • Edit meta data, etc.
  • Upload/edit/delete game builds
  • Make the game public / draft / private
  • Edit theme
  • Funds withdrawl

This will avoid conflict amongst different admin levels.  It's kind of odd to make anyone 0 or 100.  There needs to be a permissions table for individual admin levels, on a game-by-game basis.

At the very least, allow us to make people marked as "Contributors" without making them an admin that can edit the game page.


[Edit:  I couldn't find my previous post, anywhere, so I made this topic.  I apologize if it's still out there, somewhere.  This topic is more precise about the feature request, so maybe it's necessary.]

Basically, each game jam, you end up with randos that you don't really know.  They want credit for the game, so they wanted to be added as an admin and a contributor so that they can make the game show up on their page.  However, a lot of these types end up butting heads with the rest of the team, and, long story short, you don't want to trust these kinds of people because they can-- and will --edit the page in ways you don't approve, or even delete the download files.

So, I need a way to give people credit on their profile page without actually allowing them to have access to edit the game page, because that just causes a world of stress.

I'll keep it simple:  Instead of everybody just being straight admin and contributor for each game page, it's better to have permissions for being able to edit the actual page, meta data, uploads, and moderating the comments.  Of course, the more permission levels, the better.  Just putting it out there.  This is a huge issue with us, and every other pug dev wants to deface the page and split.

Hah... you're correct.I used to make the attack as CTRL, by default, but I was advised to do otherwise.  My mistake.

Also, I had forgotten about the Faildoze sticky keys feature.  Perhaps I can rework it to better consume input.

Your feedback has been quite helpful, thank you!

On the stream, I also just noticed the streaming things behind the ghost doesn't change to blue instead of the original colors.

The Good:

  • Neat layout-- I like the spider webs (nice touch), and the neon lights like Pacman had
  • Kind of had a Wreak-it Ralf movie feel to the story

The Bad:

  • The long wait for the intro dialogs to transition to next one leaves one desiring a skip button, as it makes you want to not replay
  • It's possible to shoot around corners, and even through walls, if you let it auto-target and just hold down the fire button.  The range on the weapon is also a bit long.  This took away all sense of danger.
  • The firing mechanism would be stopped by most objects, but the neon doors can be shot through to a certain range, although I'm not certain this matters.
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I didn't really finish, because the camera was making me sick, and it seems a bit buggy to be able to finish.  Just a few quick things:

  • I don't think the camera needs to wave while stepping
  • The camera controls are sensitive and quirky
  • The player object tends to strafe to the side, even while pointing straight forward
  • The camera will get clamped to a certain range, and I can't use it to turn around, or turn corners
  • Enemies push you around, instead of other expected behavior
  • Even after being spotted, the enemies continue with regular pathing movement, it seems
  • Can fall off the map instead of the expected mechanic of warping to the opposite side of the map
  • There's no real transition between touching a ghost and being restarted-- it was confusing  to know that was what was happening, at first
  • Pretty sure the trails ghosts leave behind had collision, but I could be wrong-- could have been the camera strafing bug
  • The WebGL version can lose the mouse and go out of focus

There were a number of issues, for me:

  • The hitbox is not precise, so I died to things that didn't hit me
  • The one-hit death is a bit too much, especially for how the enemies spawn
  • Had too many instances of the enemies spawning behind me, or shooting from off-screen and not having any time to react to their presence
  • Couldn't change planes-- it just brought me in-game
  • A weird, grey box kept appearing frequently in-game

Correct.  I filled out the game submission page multiple times, but it never goes through.  It just hangs, then times out.

Hey, thanks for the feedback!

I haven't noticed anything about the mouse having that problem, but I'll see what I can do to fix it.

From what we've tested, as long as the game has focus, the enter key has been working.  I'll look into this.

Could you clarify how the game is broken?  We've tested it for yours situation, and no one else has retorted it.

Hey, thanks for feedback!

I appreciate the invitation, and thanks for bringing attention to the competition.  However, I can't seem to get the submission to work-- the website hangs and doesn't submit, no matter how many times I try.

Feel free to send me a message whenever you need some testing done. :)

I would also argue that many of these themes overlap.


Very good game.  Very nice, and mostly polished.  There are a few exploitable things, and a small bug, but good quality game, overall.

  • I would suggest disabling the fullscreen, since it doesn't work, and only adds scrollbars to the page
  • While using the left-side grabity, the left/right arrow keys are reversed (Since you should be looking at the screen from the player object's angle and be able to use the same left/right directions, for consistency)
  • I spent 50% of my time on one frustrating level, and 50% on the rest of the game.  Haha, I feel dumb
  • You can abuse mid-air gravity switching and sliding to reach the goal in ways that seem unintended
  • Possibly add a level indicator, like maybe a quick flash before the level, or something in the upper corner.  Not necessary, but it feels good to climb levels, and it helps with communicating about the game.

Again, great game.  I've added it to my collection

Nice job.  I liked the mechanics and the literal multi-dimensional aspect.  Quite creative.

I was having a bit of trouble playing this one, at first, but I grasped the concept and finally realized the answer.  I thought I would leave some constructive criticism:

  • The "flashlight" feature, or w/e, seems to cause a bit of weird texture glitches
  • The green button resets the door opening each time you press it, instead of just extending the timer
  • Getting thrown around the room and dealing with invisible walls can be a bit confusing and frustrating, so it makes it seem like the controls are a bit clunky and non-responsive

I found a quick list of things you could fix before the stream, and for other players:

  • I found it's pretty easy to just slide down each side and just click until you've escaped.
  • The menus overlap (pause and victory)
  • The menu button at the victory screen is broken
  • The game resumes if you hit escape, or try clicking the menu button, at the victory screen
  • Couldn't get the buttons on the menu to do anything
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Thanks for the game.  Short, simple.  Reminds me of a lot of old games I played.

Although, I did find myself simply clicking through without reading anything, knowing that a screen or two had changed, and that I just need to find the right order to click things in.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed, but it is also too easy to just click through and not care.

That was pretty great.  A true puzzle game, with simple but polished mechanics.  It was worth playing.  Thanks!

Could you mark which platform this download is for?  I can only assume Faildoze.

Could we get a Linux or HTML5 build?

Haha, no, they don't blink.  If I spent that much time on the characters, they might actually have limbs. xD

I've gotta say, this is hard, like really hard.  I like that it is so fast-paced hard, though.  It's a fun quality, but maybe work up to it, for the more casual player (not me)?  Reminds me of the old 70's classic robot game.

I found it to be the most entertaining game, this week.  It was fun, and reminded me of many of the parkour games I used to play.  I just have a few comments:
 - The time seemed to be a bit too enabling, in that I could just by-pass most of the obstacles, rendering them pointless (But good ideas, nevertheless)
 - If ever there was a time I would want to be able to go slow, it's when I'm super small and have the same speed as when I'm big, because it's kind of hard to not fall off of things
 - I see I'm going to have change my placeholder characters from a tall cube to something else, now. xD

Just a few quick things:
 - I find it incredibly hard to jump to the next platform.  I'm not sure what kind of formula there is to it, but it seems I can get on the next block only by sheer dumb luck
 - "Don't stay in the water for too long" seems to mean, "Don't stay in the water at all", because it's instant death.
- Once you get on one platform, you're stuck there, because the "water" is instant death

Fun-looking game, neat art.  I didn't have anyone to take turns playing, but just a couple quick things:
 - The "Outloaw" becomes immediately obvious, once you realize it's the character that's always the lowest z-index
 - The difference in sound levels between the voice-overs and everything else is painfully high

For having made the levels in a week, well done.  Looks nice!

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The first customers in your game reminds me exactly of Weebl and Bob (they even say, "Hey," the same way, when entering the diner):

I have people wanting to play this on a MAC.  Can you accommodate this request?

Cat Cat Café community · Created a new topic Very Adorable

I just want to say how adorable this game is!  It's so complete, too, for having been made in a week.

I love cats, and I really miss my Tamagotchi, so I think it would be great to be able to play this on my phone, too.  I would play it just to listen to the music and watch my kitten jump around all day.  It could be like a Tamagotchi in the sense you need to build a platform to the waffles every day in order to feed your kitten. xD

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Aww!  So adorable!  Such a great submission!  Thanks, guys!
(PS:  Thanks for the Linux build, too-- that means a lot!)

It was entertaining.  Thank you for posting both a Linux and browser build-- that means a lot to some of us that would also like to give feedback on games.  Just some quick feedback:

  • It was a little hard to realize exactly what was going on, at first, but I figured it out
  • One thing I noticed right away is, you can leave the heart power-ups on the ground, and it halts all ground movement from the invaders, so you only have to focus on the flying ones
  • You can't shoot through powerups-- you have to pick them up in order to shoot where you want to
  • I like that you can upgrade while playing
  • Good job on the theme restrictions
  • Convincing retro feel to it
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@LouBagel I just played "Lou Bagel's Waffle Bar"

- First of all, excellent work on the audio, @scowsh

- I like the Weebl and Bob reference

- The game is very convincing about the retro, monochrome feel, especially with the audio (Even the page theme for the game is excellent)

- Excellent job on the mechanics, such as the syrup, upgrades, practice bar, game over conditions, animations, etc.

- I actually enjoyed playing this game and found myself getting into it. It seems like one of the more complete games, this week.

When you know what to do, it can take less than a minute.  When you don't know the correct route, it could take a couple of hours.