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My models appear completely white without textures in Roblox Studio. Tried double siding. Didn't work. Checked the model and it appeared all blue with no red textures in edit mode. What do I do?

Calm down. Dave's not updating the game anymore so you should do your own research on this crash. It works on Windows 11 for me.

I tried this and tried to import to roblox studio and this happened.

oh uh how do i do that then

I managed to rip the Pearl Clone from the game and it looks just like your screenshot. How do I get the textures to work?

Okay I've managed to import the .gltx files to blender but textures are not showing. How do I fix this?

The only export options it's giving me are .gtlx and .pskx. Also, my stupid computer keeps ignoring all the textures and saying "Ignoring Material[Insert Number Here]'[Insert Color Here]' due to empty parameters"

yeah there's no way i can beat this

Thank you. :) I'm confused though, it works and I can view models but it says they have no colors and displays them like this. Also, I can't convert the .pskx file to anything to put in any other model software, and no matter what I click, the models either look like this or they're pitch black and I can't find any tutorials on how to fix this.

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Hi Lumpy Touch, I was wondering if this game has saves. Like does it save when Garfield turns into a new form or does it always go to phase 1 if you die? I keep dying to that ZZZZZ attack after he falls asleep. I'm just curious cause this game is already super tough even in normal mode.

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I don't want to use the assets for any kind of game. I want to use these because I want to take clear images of the models. There's a wiki about Around The Clock at Bikini Bottom on Fandom, it's a small community. For a lot of characters, people have had to use screenshots and I'd love to be able to get clear images of the characters for the wiki. Please tell me how you did this.

yeah :)


same thing happens to me

Why won't you tell anyone how? I've been wanting to know how to extract models from this game since forever.



Nevermind. lol I just set my sound settings weirdly.

how can i be similar if i never say "um actually"

Dave, help please. My sound for the game randomly stopped working. The optional intro you can listen to on the title screen works but no other sounds work, please help. ):



this was directed to a different person

why did you say that 3 times

I didn't even say "um actually". If I was an "um actually guy" I would've responded by going * and then correcting your typos. I stand by what I say.

dave said he's completely done working on the game

I hope you never find the music.

How very rude and poorly written.

It wants some stupid file called resampledmo.dll and I tried to put in it but it still won't work.

I'm wondering the same thing.

Why is it doing that? Is this safe?

This game is asking if it can make changes to my computer.

I'm a coward so I played on Superstar mode and the Peach jumpscare near the end gave me a heart attack.


Lovely game. My favorite level is 3541 Anchor Way. Thank you Dave for this awesome game!

hehe thanks man :D i was kinda worried this game would get a negative response because i feel it's kinda lackluster it was my first game after all. thanks :D

what a fun little game