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Do you have any plans for rules that allow for fusion between an animon and another animon/ their kid partner? Basically jogress and biomerge evolution in Digimon terms.

When I saw 'shikigami' and 'pokemon' the first thing that came to my mind was an old digimon-like anime called Onmyou Taisenki (it's not good though)

So is this like a monster taming tabletop rpg?

It seems like clicking the bookmarks moves the page in a position where the title of the section is cut off. Other than that it seems fine so far. Thanks.

Will the pdf ever get bookmarks. I find it difficult to keep reading without them.

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I don't mind having it shared. As of now I don't have a twitter though. Also I just updated the docs with some images.

Just uploaded it. The github link is as below:

Hi I managed to recreate the whole dodman algorithm in python. Do you mind if I posted it on github?

So is this about finding fairies and mascots who won't deceive you and avoiding kyubeys?