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Sword & Shield

The Game Setup

You like board games?   If yes, then try Sword & Shield!  This novel board game is about attacking your opponent's base with pieces armed with swords and shields all the while defending your own base. This kind of game is what is know as a perfect information game where there is no luck base things like dice or hidden information like card hands.  Connect Four, Chess, and Checkers are all examples of perfect information games.

The game comes with many great features:

• You can play against the AI, with your friends, or against a random opponent online
• The smarter your device, the more dangerous your AI opponent will be!  The difficulty is determined by how long you let the AI think for!
• You can customize the colour of your pieces
• 15+ minutes of original music tracks!
• Comes in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish!
• Can be played on PC,  Mac,  Linux, and Android

Find out more with the link below: