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no problem! I'm not sure which genre you are interested in, but the bundle also has some old games, like spyro and fable anniversary for example.

Most games that are offered have positive rating, so you should be able to enjoy some of them. From those games, i personally have played and enjoyed Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons. It has a good story and a unique single-player "co-op" gameplay (you control 2 characters in one joystick/keyboard).

If you just want to donate to the cause, maybe you can try buying the bundle in humble bundle. They released an ukraine bundle for $40, with 80+ games and other softwares. You can always pay for a lower price, but you wont get any games from that.

Ps: not sure if this is allowed, but if it is not m, do let me know and i'll remove this post.

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no, the bundle will be on fanatical website, not itch. You will receive steam key for the purchase. Bundle will end until the end time (see below) or until 10k keys are exhausted.

Current plan (from the tweet) is:

- The deadline to enter is Wednesday, March 16. 

- The bundle will be running from March 24 until April 14

 - Every bundle will cost at least $10, but people have the option to pay more if they want to

maybe you can follow their blog post or their newsletter as an alternative. You need to sign up to their website for the latter, but i believe you need an account to purchase anyway since they will send you the key there.

Edit: apologies if posting this is not allowed. Feel free to remove it if it is

just want to say thank you for this. you're not obligated to give a steam key since you are not participating in the bundle anymore, but you did it anyway. that definitely is a plus in my book. i really appreciate it :)

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ah, i didn't know that. it's level 5.

i just tried it again and solved the level, so the hint is not needed. thanks for helping out! :)

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hmm, strange. it lets me to start the game though. ah well, i'll just download it later. thanks for checking it out!

just wondering, will you put the full version in itch after the game is finished? (i'm not saying for the ones who buy it from this bundle, but in general). if you don't want to release the full version in itch at all, maybe you can consider changing the game's title as "The Hayseed Knight Demo" so it'll be easier to sort out.

the game doesn't work in browser. it stopped at the first cutscene.

i can't seem to finish chicken chicken crocodiles level... any hints?

i think the game is bugged on me... i can't seem to do anything after i unlocked the panel with the "missing button". i already put an item to the missing button but nothing is happening. i watched in the vid below that the game will continue after you do that, but nothing is happening in mine.

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I wish there is a map or radar