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Aqua Cake

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hmm pretty nea

I expected something  short and probably not with the best writing, not this! The writings good, the storys good, the games good, I like it! good job

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da baby

Im a composer, im interested in your project, I can do more than whats on my soundcloud, please message me.
Discord: Aqua Cake#4987

Hey thanks for playing! But you got the most boring ending of them all, if you play more then you could get the other 5!

Oh I actually didnt think id win. Wow thats cool.

its fine

I understood

All the background colors are the same.

Thanks thats what I was going for!

Thanks for playing!

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It took me like 8 minutes to finish the last level at first. thanks for playing.

Thank you!

Thank you.

Why thank you good sir!

Thank you

thank you


How do I enter?

You should look at my games Fred and Crates in a crate!


Thanks! There will be more added after the ratings if you want to check it out.

Cool but the spawns could be closer to the text.

Cool art but the other robot dont do anyting. It would be cool if the robot did stuff though.

It keeps randomly freezing.

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Thanks! I plan on adding more to the game telling more of the story, with more characters. If you want you should check on the game every once in a while after the rating period or whatever.

I rated it mostly 5 stars.

I  just realized I said story 3 times, whatever.

Cool I hope you found the endings that told the story, and enjoyed the story.  I plan on expanding it soon to tell more of the story.

Nice game I would like to see more.