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As far as I know, the Mac version is the same version as the one for Windows. I know it says "version 1" for the osx-universal download vs. "version 25" for the other two downloads, but I assume that's just because I uploaded the universal osx build a lot later than the other builds. Let me know if this is wrong and you end up finding significant differences between the versions. 

By the client do you mean the app?  Do you know if you're trying to download it directly from the Fortune-499 page or from the bundle page?  I know that itch doesn't actually add the games from the bundle to your library until you tell it to (to avoid flooding your library with stuff), so it won't give you a download link on the game's page and you need to  find the game in a separate bundle page to get the download link (it seems to work this way both on the itch site and on the app, from what I can tell).

There is an untested Catalina+Later version I've uploaded here for folks who want to see if it works (I believe there was at least one person who confirmed it was working). I haven't pushed it to Steam yet (partly b/c I haven't had a chance to test it properly on a Catalina machine and also partly because the computer I push Steam builds from broke and I haven't fixed that yet either, haha)

It wasn't before, but I just uploaded the rough files to the itch page, so it should be available now. 

I just built and uploaded a version that I believe should be Catalina compatible. I, uh, haven't had a chance to test it (don't yet have a machine running Catalina) so I can't guarantee it doesn't have problems, but it should hopefully be playable! 

Would like to add Fortune-499:

Also would like to add Beglitched (but I think I need to switch accounts first?):

Here are some more hints (with the solution at the bottom if you want to skip to it): 

- The plants are unimportant.

- There isn't any probability involved. 

- The max number of times you'd move in the same direction (in a row) is 9. The min is 2. 

[Solution, put it into to translate]: 

Gur ahzore ba gur pneq pbeerfcbaqf gb ubj znal gvzrf lbh zbir va gung qverpgvba. Fb vs gur svefg pneq vf gur 3 bs fpvffbef naq gur frpbaq vf gur 4 bs cncre, lbh'q zbir 3 gvzrf va gur fpvffbef qverpgvba sbyybjrq ol 4 gvzrf va gur cncre qverpgvba, rgp.

Here is a hint (I can provide more detail if it's not enough): both the number and the symbol on the card matter in terms of the order. 

Yep! The steam page is here: and you'll get a key with the game.