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Done. You should have it. Yay!

Hi, I'll do that right now. :)

I'm sorry I've been slow to's been a long week! Do you want to take this to email? 

I love that Provider story!!
It reminds me a little of a foreign film I saw about a Muslim girl who lost her father in an area overrun by Taliban with new rules that females weren't allowed to drive, shop, be seen, anything. She was young enough that she dressed like a boy and became the provider for herself, mom and sister after they nearly starved to death. 

I'm up for working on anything. I like working in teams. Building from other's ideas sparks my creativity. 

What were some ideas you've been tossing around that are dying to be written? :) 

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I was just about to ask you the same thing! What have you been itching to start or try? I'm open to anything, as I get inspiration from others and it usually sparks ideas.

One I've been wanting to try (eventually) is something along the line of "questionable life choices".  Humans spend an enormous amount of time and energy ruminating back and wondering about the paths in life they did NOT take rather than appreciating and working with the one they did take. I'd like to run with that psychology a bit and make a series about those hard life choices, the difficult forks in the road that change the course of our lives forever. 

"Make easy choices, you'll lead a tough life. Make the tough choices, You'll lead an easy life."

I'm not sure this is something you'd be interested in, as I'm not 100% all of it could be kept PG, but I'm sure a great portion of it would. I like to keep almost all my stuff clean (or as clean as possible), as it's better for a wider audience and being shared. 

Sounds good. And makes's more relatable that way. PG also makes sense, for obvious reasons. :) 

That sounds good. Google Doc totally works. I do remember some of the inner workings of Twine, but should prob do a YT tutorial to refresh. It's been a short bit!

Ever take any of your ideas and add a fantasy element to them, like time travel, ren faire setting, change out humans to animals, etc?

You know what? These are some awesomely inspirational ideas and I might just take you up on that. I'd love to give working on something creative a go again...even though I probably need a refresher course on how Twine works once again!

Do you have my direct email?  Thisisaprilhunter  at gmail.


First, thank you! 

And, in all honesty, I haven't even thought to try. This was a project for the game writing class in my degree program and I had no idea how complex and difficult game writing was. Massive respect for all of it now.

And in truth, since graduating, there hasn't been a ton of inspiration this year. I've heard it called Covid Brain. Some of my writing co workers and artists are struggling as well. I'm actually really beating myself up over it, as I feel I'm languishing away and not using anything I worked hard to learn. 

So, there you go. A real answer. But I'd actually love to keep going. 

This game idea was actually based on a real life story, lol. It all happened to a friend of mine when he missed his opportunity. 

Oooh. Solid advice, thank you so much!!

Hahaha! Thanks for playing. I'm trying to learn the art of how to write to push players into making the wrong decisions so thanks for the feedback! :) 

This is gorgeous. I love the BRILLIANT concept and added it to my "must play next" . I'm a full time student and writer and this game stood out to me above all others because of the pure originality.  I just felt I needed to add my appreciation for your creative style here. 

Side note: 2 years ago I found a large injured black bird in my yard and took care of it...I called it Nevermore for a few days, but then he became Poe...which he answers to. :) 

I look forward to playing this.