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This is gorgeous. I love the BRILLIANT concept and added it to my "must play next" . I'm a full time student and writer and this game stood out to me above all others because of the pure originality.  I just felt I needed to add my appreciation for your creative style here. 

Side note: 2 years ago I found a large injured black bird in my yard and took care of it...I called it Nevermore for a few days, but then he became Poe...which he answers to. :) 

I look forward to playing this.

That's so very kind of you! Sion did a wonderful job with the art so it's worth playing even for that I believe! ^^
I really hope you enjoy it and that it lives up to at least some of your expectations! It's quite a lot big than most players have realised, I think - there's two main branching paths early on, one which leads to a journey by boat and adventures beyond and one which involved exploring a mansion. It gets more puzzley and properly exploration based as it goes on and I became better at coding! XD