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I'll add that it randomly compiles correctly, seemingly independent of anything I do (such as clearing cache), only to go back to acting strangely shortly after. Though I have no doubt that isn't very useful for figuring out what's going on...

The autoit script works well enough, thank you for bringing it to my attention. I'll just hope some future update magically fixes this, or try reinstalling everything when I find the time, as I share your belief that something is likely just messed up somewhere in my setup. Thank you very much for your help either way.

Builder is indeed the version from 11/11/2022. Clearing asset cache did not fix it unfortunately. It happens in both old and new projects, pretty stumped.

I recently updated game maker studio, gmedit, and the builder plugin after not doing so for years, and I have noticed that compiling with the builder plugin results in a few strange differences appearing in the game:

-using font_get_size will return 10x what the actual size is (a font of size 26 will return 260)

-sounds will not take into account the volume set in the IDE (a sound set to 0.05 will play as if the volume was set to 1)

None of these anomalies occur when compiling through the IDE. I have triple checked that the builder plugin is using the correct runtime, as that was listed as a common issue. I'd appreciate any help with figuring out what exactly is going on here.