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Hey BlueCat I just finished week one and I noticed that even if I chose to marry Tomoe the next day instead of the inital encounter with her mom  during the interview they still reference a blowjob/deep throat I never received why is that is it a bug? Also Kotori Oda appears in the family section of the character list even before I found  out she was an Oda. This was kinda of a bummer because when it came to the interview the surprise was no longer a surprise. 

Is there a way we can report these inconsistencies to you?

Well I can't wait I love having plenty of choices! Yeah I felt that was lacking in Fruit of Grasaia especially because it was mostly a slice of life VN so you could add in pointless choices to flesh out the character (but that has its own problems of the player not feeling rewarded for their actions). Another reason they might have for little choices is they don't want a complex web of choices leading to the endings. Just a question what would determine what sort of ending you get I know most VNs just put you on the bad end or neutral path unless you talk exactly one very specific path which I really hate. PS you should really play Fruit of Grasaia the anime does not do it justice at all imagine cramming 8+ hours with a character to just three episodes the connection just isn't as good.

I see you are a man of culture as well Katana Shoujo was the second VN I play after Everlasting Summer (give it a shot if you haven't oh and patch the game first). I you liked it another VN you should try is Fruit of Grisaia though I should warn you instead of physical problems they have mental problems. What I meant is that although the characters are not the most visually appealing they have their own charms as you can tell that effort went into them as many people would just grab someone else's sprite and use that instead. As for the slow development time thats totally fine in my book as you are making this for fun and aren't like some people on patreon who do little work for lots of money from their supporters. Good luck on your endeavor and remember it's better to work slow (but not too slow I want to play the finished product before I grow old 😉) and deliver a quality product that you can be proud of than to rush and make something that no one is happy about.

Hey thanks for creating such a good game. I have to say although the characters are not the best I've seen at least they are more original than most in their design so thats good enough for me. I found this game about a year ago and have been patiently waiting for it to be fully translated. Unfortunately I haven't been keeping close tabs on this game has there been any new content for the english version since a year ago. I'm only asking because I see you are very responsive to your fans which I greatly appreciate.

I love this game and how beautiful the artwork is. What I hate though is how linear the game is. For example to get the good ending there is literally only one route and every choice must exactly what is the author wants even if the other choice changes nothing but one line of dialogue. Choose wrong and bam bad ending just because you didn't resist when someone was trying to carry you when you weren't feeling so hot.