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I can't remember to be honest, I think it is. 
This is an early game of mine, if I remade it I would time the blocks colour changes better, give the game some much needed polish and maybe add an ending or some new features.

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• Ability to explore (And area size)

• Music

• Plot Effort

Are these the only criteria's? I ask because I think the jam would benefit from more different ones such as 'gameplay', 'overall' and something like 'how much is it a Metroidvania'.


Having some issues here and there with sound, I will make it my mission to get this out before the jam ends.

This is the first game jam I've won and even though there were no prizes the ranking does mean a lot to me especially in these tough times.

I had fun playing all your games, my personal favourite was That Good Party but every game had its own unique ideas and charm. I hope to see you all in Mini Jam 3rd Edition. Thanks again.

Thanks dude, I appreciate the kind words and advice is always welcome.

Thank you so much for the kind comment.  This has made my day, :D

This is art right here.

Thanks guys, its what I was aiming for.

Yeah that's a great idea, I plan on remaking it in the near future and adding some improvements such as this as well as some much needed polish.

Maybe you could add a theme to this one when the jam starts to prevent people starting early.

Cool game!

Well done everyone.

Sky Fallers 1982

Defend yourself with various weapons, bombs, upgrades and through jumping on your enemies heads. Killing enemies earns you money to buy new guns, bombs and upgrades from the shop.

You can play it in your browser or download it for free here:

This was made for Minimalistic Jam 2.

Any feedback would be well appreciated. Thanks.

Please do more of these reviews.

I can't seem to get it to work. Says I need Adobe but I have Adobe and none of the other games do this.

It maybe unfinished but I'd like to see this fleshed out into something bigger.  Pretty cool.

Nice game. I think it'd be better if there were sound effects for every successful or unsuccessful hit though

Looks good, sounds good, plays good. I like this game.

I'm having the same problem only I can't see the visual clue when maximised.

I can't seem to get the double jump to work. Pressing jump seems to access both jumps. Its a shame because I am interested in playing more of this.

I like how the music builds as it gets tougher and the physics on the objects are good.

Very fun game, some of it really surprised me.

Looks cool, really cool. Nice lighting effects on the cockpit(?). Is it just flying around asteroids or is there anything else to do(not being rude, just wondering)?

Love the ending and music.

There doesn't seem to be much reason to avoid being seen other than the music changing.  I'd make the player slow down while holding 'Z' to give more reason not to play through the game with the button held too.

Awesome game. Relaxing and well thought out. Feels good to play and really gets the old noggin' joggin'.

Very cool puzzle game.  An original and seemingly risky idea too but it works. The only negative I can think of is that I'm not 100% sure on some of the AI patterns but that's probably due to my lacking in intelligence and patience.

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Looks good and plays smoothly. Things build up the more you collect, nice little idea.

I'd like to see some more 'juice' though, a little extra effect for collecting items or dying and something that really makes it feel like you're at the beach.

Also the arrow keys cause the screen to scroll on my laptop(both in the browser and downloaded versions, it's especially bad in my browser), you should add WASD controls.

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I feel like more could be done more with this idea.  Clean up the visuals a bit, maybe give the player the option of zooming in or out, have the amount of enemies build as your score rises. I also feel like it's too easy to die yet too easy to exploit. Also if any part of the players body touches a wall or ceiling you can jump eternally.

Needs more juice. I suggest things like sound effects for attacking or killing enemies, maybe some kind of explosion effect for enemies dying. It does have nice clean menus and is easy to control. In the future I'd recommend having screenshots or some kind of preview on the game page. 

@WRIT Thanks I really appreciate you taking the time to play my game. I'll be sure to make some adjustments in the future.

Nice idea and some good art too. I think some friction(or lack of) could be added to the platforming though,